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On a hot summer day, Penny was hanging outside on the local saloon porch drinking a cold one. She was dressed in a little tank top with a pair of nice fitting jeans with these cute little sandals on, she was beautiful. Hair down to her bottom, two tone color of blonde and a light brown. Natural highlights and big curls that were perfect, blowing in the wind. All of a sudden she heard this roar coming down the street and she knew exactly what that sound was, it was a motorcycle. Penny loved that sound, brings back memories of a time when she was younger living with her step dad. The motorcycle was coming around the corner and she can remember, is how loud it was and the guy riding it was a rugged handsome biker guy with a long ponytail that reached almost to his butt. I was instantly attracted to him.

As he's getting off his motorcycle, Penny just stared at him until he made eye contact. She was so embarrassed she got caught off guard like that. He went inside to get a cold one and Penny had to get herself together, she was blushing and nervous. Next thing you know, he's coming back out and has two beers in his hand. He walked straight up to her, handed her a beer's and introduced himself as Billy. Penny took the beer and told him her name. He asked if it was ok to sit with her, of course she said yes. They both sat there quiet, probably trying to figure what to say to each other. Then Penny asked him if he was from around there and he said "born and raised" on a farm. Penny was surprised that she's never seen him around town and Billy was thinking the same thing about her. Then they started talking about that, thinking maybe they knew mutual friends or something.

As they are sitting laughing and remembering good ol days, Penny grabbed her drink and it was empty. So she asked Billy if he needed another and he quickly grabbed her bottle, stood up and said yes I do then walked inside. Her smile was so big and bright, she can't remember smiling like that in a very long time. Billy came out, handed her drink to her and suggested walking over to the river to watch the sunset, grabbed her hand and started to pull her up. Penny stood up, started to follow him when he stopped and held her hand the whole walk over. Luckily the only bench around was empty so they sat down and got situated. As the sun was going down he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. They sat there in complete silence then the sun was down and they continued to sit there and kept talking. Penny was having so much fun and hated to see it end which made her a little down. Billy saw her facial expression changed so he took her hand and asked if it was ok if he could see her again. Her eyes got big and in all excitement, she said definitely.

As Billy looked at the time, he didn't realize that they have been talking for hours and that he had to be going. So Billy told her he had to go because it was getting dark and the deer will be out running. In a sad face, Penny said ok because it was getting late and she understood completely. They hugged each other and said their good-byes, just like that he started to walk away to his motorcycle. All of a sudden, Billy realized he never got her number plus he wanted to kiss her so bad if she let him. As Penny was getting into her vehicle she heard her name being yelled out. She turned around and to her surprise Billy was coming back calling out how he forgot her number then he asked if he was allowed to give her a good night kiss. She just stood there, she had no clue what to say when Billy grabbed her up by the waist with one hand and held her head with the other. Penny totally melted into his arms totally consumed in the kiss, it was passionate but a little rough. He had such soft lips that were almost sensual. Then the kissing stopped, when Billy asked her if he could give her a ride, said they'll get her car in the morning. He sure didn't have to ask her twice, she grabbed her stuff, locked her car up and jumped on the back of his motorcycle. She got comfortable and wrapped her arms around him so tight which he did not mind one bit, he thinks it feels nice to have someone to ride with. Before you know it, they were off and all you saw were taillights and long curly blonde hair flapping in the wind.

As they're riding Penny gets this weird feeling in her stomach like butterflies fluttering around. It was pretty intense, then she says to herself that Billy was the one. He was the one she connected with, he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and he was the one in her dreams at night. So while riding she decides she's gotta get this off her chest even though they don't know each other yet. She yells in his ear exactly how she's feeling about him and he puts his brakes on and stops, turns around and grabs her face and said, me too then gives her a nice deep passionate kiss. When they were done, they just stared into each other's eyes for a moment. Billy then turned back around and took off riding, together going home. After that, they stayed happily together for the rest of their years.






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