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Paige Hudson - Intern

A Little Bit About Me

Paige Hudson (they/she/he) is a 26-year-old author living in Vassalboro, Maine with their partner and their cat, Choji.

They have an MFA in Popular Fiction and Publishing from Emerson College on top of a BA in English/Communications from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. They have always known they wanted to write, and have been concocting stories since they were old enough to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). They have had many teachers along the way encourage this interest, and despite various background fixations that have come and gone, writing and publishing have remained at the forefront of their career desires.

During their undergraduate career, Paige explored many options in the literary community, and while they very much enjoy workshops and peer reviews, teaching was never the right fit for them. Bookstores and libraries would satisfy the need to be surrounded by books, but of the bookish jobs, it’s the noble field of publishing that has enraptured them. Writing and publishing their own book is one thing, but what they find most valuable about the Alpha internship is the diversity of experience in the publishing process. Through the internship, they intend to soak up as much information as possible to figure out in which part of the publishing industry they belong, and hopefully make next steps to make that career a possibility.

Paige likes to consider themselves well-read, as their interests are vast and many. They find themselves most comfortable in fantasy and science fiction, but when browsing a bookstore, they make sure to peruse the full catalog. Their personal library contains gems in a myriad of genres, including instructional, memoir, Western, horror, poetry and theater, suspense, Graphic, historical fiction and history, philosophy, religion, mythology, personal journey, autobiography, and a variety of other non-fiction topics. With their MFA in Popular Fiction, they understand what most readers are drawn to, but recognize a well-written book in any genre as worthy of the shelf. Paige has written in many genres and intends to publish in many genres, and spend as much of their free time as possible in bookstores to expand their own library and knowledge of the literary community.

Aside from publishing at least half as many books as Stephen King or James Patterson (seriously, how do they do it?), and spending an obscene amount of time and money on books, Paige sees a possible future in several different directions. Since they are not yet sure if they want to pursue becoming an editor, an agent, a marketing executive, or a salesperson, the possibilities are endless. The only sure thing is that, even if they don’t end up working in publishing, they will always surround themselves with as many books as possible, and seek others with whom to discuss and enjoy literature. If they are led to an opportunity to participate in the industry, they intend to remain as open-minded as they are currently, because literature, like many other forms of media, is something that must evolve with the population. They intend to connect to others through the written word and to remind the other quiet kids that they aren’t alone.

Major life obstacles (and a nasty perfectionist habit) have prevented Paige from publishing their work sooner, but their writing has been featured in small-town publications and contests. They have received several commendations for the quality of their writing, including a first-place prize in a high-school literary journal. Their scholarly work has been revered by professors and has earned the investment of many peers and colleagues, who expect greatness from them.


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