20 Questions You Need Answered Before You Publish

Updated: Oct 25

How do I get a book published?

First, write your manuscript, and schedule a call with us to discuss it.

Then send us your manuscript and your signed publishing agreements, along with your author bio and photo, book cover if you have one picked out, and a synopsis.

After that, we can edit and format your book, and then Voila!

You’re a published author!

How does book publishing business work?

A traditional publishing business consists of a publisher buying the rights for a book from the author and pays them a small percentage of the profits, in royalties, to the author.

How do I create a book publishing company?

First, pick your business’s structure and a name. Then decide on a location and make sure to register your business and ensure it is legitimate in the eyes of the government. From there, figure out how you want to manage your authors and their payments. Get a client, sell and market their book, and you have yourself a book publishing company!

How can I publish a book on my own in the United States?

First, you will need to decide why you want to publish a book, then you’ll need to write it. Make sure to get feedback and an expert editor before trying to publish. From there, choose a book title and design a book cover that converts well to paperback and on screens. Then, create your Kindle Direct Publishing account, where you can upload and format your book. You’ll want to price your book and then hit self-publish! You can go the extra mile by forming a launch team and maximize your book launch exposure with a social media campaign. Then celebrate: you’ve become a self-publisher of your own book!

What are the best book publishers in the world?

If you’re looking for a classic book publisher, Harpercollins has the name brand. If you’re looking for a savvy publisher and if you’re willing to spend a few thousand dollars unnecessarily, then there’s Scribewriting.com. Their basic premium package begins at $10,000. But if you’re looking to publish your book for free, Alpha Book Publisher is your go-to resource. As it stands in 2020, we are the first self-publishing company to be offering a free plan.

Any reputable book publisher in the United States?

Yes. There are many reputable publishers in the United States.

Among them are:

  • Alpha Book Publisher (us)

  • Harpercollins

  • Scholastic Inc.

  • Penguin Random House, and last but not least,

  • Macmillan Publishers. ...

If you have already written your book, you have a few options?

Yes, in fact, after you’ve written your book you do have a few different options for publishing it. For one, you can try to find a traditional publisher. Good luck finding one that will pay you to publish the book. Unless you’re a celebrity or have a track record of previous sales, it would be nearly impossible convincing a traditional book publisher to pay you to publish your book. Fortunately, that’s why self-publishing agencies like Alpha Book Publisher (us) exist. And unlike other self-publishers, we don’t try to pull you in to spend thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money to use our services. In fact, our goal is to help you publish affordably.

What is the best book publishing company to publish a book?

In my humble opinion, our company- Alpha Book Publisher- is the best publishing company to publish a book with. Here’s why:

  1. We have a free plan, which makes it easy to publish a book on a small budget.

  2. We aim to get books published in 2-3 weeks, which is a fraction of the time that larger publishing companies spend on the publishing process.

How do book publishing deals work?

The publishing contract is simply a binding between the writer and the publishing house. This is a legal statement including items such as royalties, deadlines, and rights to the book. These topics are usually discussed beforehand, and agreed on. The contract must be signed by both parties; if some part of the contract is broken, the rights revert back to the author.

How tough is it to get a book published?

Absolutely anyone can get their book published. On some sites, it costs a good chunk of money; on other sites, one can publish your book for free! One must provide certain items to get started, such as a manuscript and a signed agreement. It might take a bit of time. However, with the help of a publishing house, one can easily publish a book.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

There is a great variation of costs in the book publishing industry. For example, our company (Alpha Book Publisher), one can actually publish their book entirely for free. As of 2020, our company is the first in the business to offer a free plan. Other publishing houses ask for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to get one’s book out to the world.

What is essential at book publishing?

There are many different aspects that go into publishing a book. First of all, there is the creative feature- one must come up with the book idea, script, and manuscript. Then, there is finding a publishing house to help with the process (this speeds up the process, as well as helps with editing and marketing). Communication is also a main key when it comes to getting a book into the world. Frequent conversations between the publishing house and the author are essential to easing the process.

What are the recommended fonts for a book published through CreateSpace?

The recommended fonts are normally a family font, such as a Sans Serif Font. However, readers are actually able to change the font of the book they are reading. Therefore, the font is not as relevant, because it may be changed by the reader.

How do publishing companies work?

A lot of work goes into book publishing companies. The employees generally work on every aspect of the process. They edit manuscripts, create book covers, chat with authors, and publish books onto the internet! The companies earn commissions from these books- and earn a profit off of publishing plans.

What are all the need-to-knows about book publishing?

There are many aspects that one needs to know before beginning the art of book publishing. You must continuously work with authors; there are always daily conversations going on between the publishing house and the author. There are multiple different kinds of legal agreements that must be signed, dealing with rights. You must set prices for your publishing plans and discuss with your team how they each will pan out. It is of utmost importance that the publishing house is getting marketed- the company will not receive attention if there is no marketing! In conclusion, there are multiple factors that go into publishing.

What are the main differences between magazine and book publishing?

The main difference between a magazine and book publishing is that a magazine prints a gossip article about celebrities and the least important things in life, and a book publisher helps aspiring writers become published authors.

How do book publishers make money?

Book publishers can make money in multiple different ways. First off, they make money off of their publishing plans. Each author has to choose a certain plan for a certain price that deals with editing and publishing. Publishing houses also make profit off of commissions from books. Whenever a book is sold, referring to the signed agreement, the company gets a said amount of commissions from book sales.

What are the most significant costs in book publishing and distribution?

There are many different types of costs to publishing a book and the distribution of such a book. Such costs include but are not limited to production costs like editing a manuscript, designing a front and back cover, formatting the manuscript, turning it into an ebook, printing it into paperback standards and then advertising it on multiple marketplace for books.

Is book publishing still a profitable business?

Book publishing is very much still a profitable business. Companies can make profit off of many different aspects of the process, including: publishing plans and commissions. Companies make a selected amount when an author chooses a publishing plan to have their book published. They also receive money when the said book is purchased. This percentage is set when the publishing agreement is signed.

How do I get a poetry book published in the U.S?

Well first of all, congratulations on writing that poetry book. It’s not easy at all. But now that you’ve finished writing it, you must be wondering ‘what are my next steps?’

Well now you find yourself a good publisher that will take care of you. Most agencies only care about what’s in your wallet. Fortunately with us,

What is the future of book publishing?

The future of book publishing is a future of convenience. A few decades ago, it would have cost you at least $15,000 to publish a book. In 2010, it would have probably cost you at least $5,000 to find a good publisher. Now in 2020, you can self-publish at-will with a fraction of that cost. Or probably no cost at all. With Alpha Book Publisher

Why don't major book publishers use Helvetica for interior text?

The reason why major book publishers use Helvetica is because Times New Roman is the standard font for all things when it comes to book publishing.

Is it easier or harder to get a book published these days than before the growth of the internet?

In today’s world, it is much, much easier to get a book published. There are hundreds of different publishing houses that are available to help publishing a book. Now, more than ever, the platforms for book publishing are expanding. There are hundreds of sites that one is able to have their book published on. The growth of the internet has been an extremely helpful tool in opening the platform to books!

What are the world's ten largest book publishers?

The world’s ten largest book publishers include the following:

  1. McGraw-Hill Education

  2. Scholastic

  3. Springer Nature

  4. Grupo Planeta

  5. Hachette Livre

  6. Wolters Kluwer

  7. Bertelsmann

  8. Thomson Reuters

  9. RELX Group

  10. Pearson

Largest revenue? Not us. Alpha Book Publisher is however, one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the United States.

The largest number of total copies sold? Not yet. Our company was founded in 2017, and since then we have published hundreds of authors’ books and counting at the time of this blog post. Before 2020 is over, we will have reached

What's the path to getting a job in book publishing?

Book publishing isn’t an easy industry to get into. And getting a job is hard to come by, unless you have a college degree. This is because the demand for book publishing services isn’t as hot as one may think - and because of that - there are fewer jobs to be filled.

Which are the good book publishers in the U.S for first time authors?

If you’re a first time author, we recommend you to try to find a reputable self-publishing company that has had a track record of publishing books. And if you want to save yourself from fewer scams, do not try a local publishing company. And if you do, make sure you can see them face to face. None of that virtual meetup. Unless of course, if there’s Covid-19 going on.

Is there an open-source book publishing platform?

Of course. I’m assuming you mean a free way to publish your book with no software costs. And in fact, with Alpha Book Publisher, you can publish your ebook for free.

How do you get a quote book published?

A quote book is the same as the same as a normal book publishing process. The author will have to submit a manuscript, go through consistent editing, and follow a publishing contract. The genre does not matter when one is looking to publish a book - all genres are welcome!

Why are book publishing companies constantly calling my phone when I haven’t told anyone officially that I’m writing a book?

Book publishing companies look for leads constantly. Once you show interest in the company, they will begin contacting you. They will be trying to get you to publish your book through them - even if they are not sure if you are truly interested.

But how did they get your number/contact information?

Usually, when one fills out a form on the company website, the contact information is received. The publishing company will now be able to contact you to try and get you to publish your book through their company!

How much do book publishers spend on advertising?

This varies depending on the book publisher. Some help with an entire advertising campaign, while others don’t even get involved in advertising at all.

Book Publishing companies spend a lot of time and money on advertising. In fact, the average cost per lead for a publisher in 2020 is?


Are indie book publishing companies profitable?

If they weren’t, they wouldn’t exist at all! It’s not easy to get an indie book publishing company off the ground, but that doesn’t mean it can never be profitable.

How is it possible to get your book published without an agent?

Book publishing is possible through self-publishing. The reason authors use publishing houses is because it is easier, faster, and more dependable. If one was to self-publish, it would be a tedious process with on help. However, with the help of a company, the publishing process is more simple.

What skills are lacking in the book publishing industry?

Data merchandising, event coordination, fan outreach.

What is the worst way to get my book published?

The worst way to publish a book is to publish it through someone you can't trust. Also, if you published something that is not finished.

Book Publishing: Are writers compensated when uncorrected proofs are sold in used bookstores?

Writers should be compensated for any of their creations sold in any store.

In book publishing, how do you choose an editor for your manuscript?

Choose your editor by researching your choices and trust your gut. Always ask questions

Choosing an editor for your novel is like handing your heart to a stranger – make the wrong decision, and it’s going to hurt. So, how do you make the right choice?

To avoid the wrong choice, research all the companies you may want to use, make sure that you have the rights to your book, set up meetings with your publisher, read over the contract very thoroughly, and trust your gut. Your work is like your child, make sure you interview and trust who is publishing your book! Also, Always ask questions.

What is the greatest misinformation you have read about book publishing?

The greatest misinformation I have ever read about book publishing is that all publishers can be trusted.

What is the best way to get your children's book published?

The best way to get your children's book published is to publish it! Simply finish the book, find your preferred publisher, and publish it.

What Is Book Publishing?

Book Publishing is the act of taking someone's writing, or story, and publishing it for the world to buy and enjoy.

What is it like to work as an editor in a (book) publishing company?

Working as an editor in a book publishing company has many pros and cons. There is a lot of work and very detailed stuff to fix and organize. There are many things that go into book publishing. This can be stressful oftentimes, but the books and outcome is always worth it.

What are some good books about book publishing?

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing by Peter Ginna, Writer's Market 2019: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published by Robert Lee Brewer.

What are some cheap singular book publishing websites?

Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu Publishing, Scribd.

What is the future of the book publishing industry?

The future of the book publishing industry is digital. And with the world's increasing shorter attention spans, the lengths of books are decreasing.

What software do commercial book publishers use to lay out pages?

Many softwares are used by commercial book publishers to layout pages. However, many are very reliant on Microsoft word.

What is the cheapest way to publish a book?

Book Publishers prefer digital manuscripts. When it comes to publishing your book, always do yourself the due diligence and look through different companies. Some publishers offer a free plan to newer authors such as Alpha Book Publisher.

What is the book publishing industry in the U.K like?

It’s almost the same as the industry in America, except it’s more advanced and efficient with more opportunities to publish.

How did you manage to get your book published?

I got my book published with the help of Alpha book publisher.

Are book publishers in danger like the music labels were in the years of Napster?

No. In fact, it’s a common misconception that the book publishing industry is dying when it’s actually the opposite.

Any experience with book publishing on Amazon?

Alpha Book Publisher can publish your book for free on Amazon.

How can a teenager get a book published?

If under 18, a teenager can get their book published at most places such as Alpha Book Publisher with the assistance of a parent/guardian accompanying them.

What are the stages of book publishing?

Submission, Acquisition, Editorial, Marketing, Publicity, Publication.

How do I start an e-book publishing company in the U.S?

Come up with a name and structure, set up a banking account and ISBNs, build your team, market the company.

What is algorithmic book publishing?

It’s when books are published through an online algorithm rather than a real person or people.

What does it feel like to get published?

Getting published is a great accomplishment. It feels amazing.

Which Quora users are authors or work in book publishing?

How competitive is the book publishing process?

The competitiveness of the book publishing process is determined by how you choose to publish your book.

What is it like to work in a book publishing company?

Working in a book publishing company is very fun. Writing is always something that I have enjoyed and have excelled at, so why not help others follow their dreams? When working in a book publishing company there are so many opportunities….and books to read!

What's the process for getting a coffee table book published?

Basically the same as getting a regular book published, except it most likely takes more time and effort to publish.

Is book publishing archaic?

It has definitely been around for a very long time, but new forms of it are constantly being made. It’s both old and new.

What are some `must-read` books published in 2013?

Allegiant by Veronica Roth, Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover.

Has anyone ever used CreateSpace for book publishing?

Yes, but it cannot be used anymore since it no longer exists.

Is book publishing becoming completely digital?

Yes, book publishing is going completely digital. Digital books are easily accessible and help save on paper!

Who is your favorite programming book publisher?

That’s a matter of opinion.

What is the best computer science book published in 2015?

Sentiment Analysis: Mining Opinions, Sentiments, and Emotions by Bing Liu

Is publishing a book profitable? How?

Publishing a book can be profitable. It depends on how you publish your book. When working with most publishers, a writer will earn lifetime commissions on their books. But only a percentage of the profit.

How is a typical day at a book publishing house?

It mostly consists of talking to authors and whichever team you’re a part of. There are also a lot of meetings concerning the process of publishing.

What are the odds of a 14 year old getting their book published?

Very unlikely through traditional publishing. It can happen, but it’s a one in a million chance.

It is possible for a fourteen year old to get their book published with the help of a parent/guardian.

Yes, especially since self-publishing is now possible.

What are the functions of an editor in a book publisher?

The editors within a book publishing company are meant to edit every inch of an author’s manuscript. They go though and format, edit the text, and finalize the finished product. They are a crucial part of the publishing process- it would be impossible to publish without an editor.

Which Quora Top Writers have had a book published?

Bill McGrath, Mercedes R. Lackey, Franklin Veaux.

Can a book publishing deal be off or get cancelled?

It depends on the contract.

What does it take to get a book published in America?

What books published since 1950 will still be well known and widely read in the year 2020?

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Are there any books published in the 21st century that should be part of the literary canon?

That depends on what someone’s definition of canon is.

What is the best book publisher in America?

Alpha Book Publisher is the best book publisher in America.

Is it possible to revolutionize the book publishing industry?

Yes it is. In fact, new technology is making new ways of publishing possible internationally.

Is there a book publisher that won't cost a new author anything?

Yes, as of 2020 Alpha Book Publisher is the only publisher that will publish a new author’s book for free and the author will earn commissions.

What is the best way to get a book published in the United States?

The best way to get your book published in the United States is to first, finish your book, do your research to find a reputable company, and start working your way through the publishing process.

What are the best sci-fi books published in the 21st century?

The Martian by Andy Weir, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey.

What are some innovative publishing technology startups, particularly in the book publishing space?

Radish, Lost My Name, Prolifiko.

How do I become a book publisher or editor?

Getting a degree during college doesn’t hurt your chances. Also, most people start off with entry-level jobs or internships to get their foot in the door.

What are book publishers looking for?

That depends on the book publisher.

What services are available for one-off book publishing?


Do book publishing companies have people that scan the library of Congress to find new authors?

Some of them do.






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