Serious Questions You're Asking about Publishing

How do I get a fanfiction book published?

  • Great news! Fan fiction can be published but it must have it be known that it is indeed a fan fiction and not actually something written by the original authors which it is derived from. But one thing has been known that these fanfictions can’t actually get money from their writing unless given permission by who it is written about. But other than that it is not hard to be published.

Do book publishers have editors on staff?

  • Publishers do have editors on staff, their job is to edit the books and make sure the book is as best it can be. Some things they are in charge of are the following: spelling, grammar, punctuation and even fact check.

Can you get a book published as a child?

  • Amazingly, children can in fact get published given our new technology. But obviously with help from either their parents or guardians they can successfully do so. There is no age requirement for someone to bring their imagination and dreams to life.

How were books "published" in ancient Rome?

  • For the books to be published, publishers did not need to pay anyone money to basically produce the books even if it wasn’t their book. Back then there were book merchants and they had their slaves copy the books and mass produced these books which were then sold in markets. There was no way for the writer to do anything since the fact that copyright was non existent. Fun fact, in ancient Rome when they made books, they did not actually use paper. Instead they had used the skin of animals.

What is a "fixup" in book publishing?

  • A fix up is a novel which had multiple short stories that were written in it. These short stories did not have to be related to each other which brought excitement and adventure when reading the novel. More than half of the time the short stories are indeed fiction and could follow a theme throughout the whole novel.

What are the best new Science Fiction books published since 2017?

  • Here is a top ten list of some of the best new science fiction books published since 2017:

  1. The Book of M By: Peng Shepherd

  2. RoseWater By: Tade Thompson

  3. State Tectonics By: Malka Older

  4. Semiosis By: Sue Burke

  5. Famous Men Who Never Lived By: K Chess

  6. Magic for Liars By: Sarah Gailey

  7. The Ten Thousand Doors of January By: Alix E. Harrow

  8. SuperNova Era By: Cixin Liu

  9. Borne By: Jeff VanderMeer

  10. All Our Wrong Todays By: Elan Mastai

Are there more fiction or nonfiction books published each year?

  • As there is not a specific number of books counted each year to calculate exactly how many of both types of books being published. But a recent study shown for 2019 had found that 416 books were published for non fiction and for fiction books it can be around a few thousand.

Is it harder to get a short story or a book published?

  • For a short story it is found to be very difficult to be published since a short story is small and not found worthy enough by publishers, therefore it usually will end up in magazines or website blogs etc. But a book on the other hand can be pretty easy and can go through the process right away once agreed by a publisher.

Are comic books and graphic novels popular in Kenya? Are there any significant comic book publishers in Kenya or nearby countries?

  • In Kenya, comic books are seen to be more popular as now there have been a growing number of comic book stores growing. This is because people do not truly need to be the best readers to have to enjoy a comic book as it is full of color and pictures and almost any age can enjoy them as there is a variety of topics and genres. One of the best publishers in Kenya at the moment for comic books has to be East African Educational Publishers Ltd. They do publish multiple styles of literary texts and even publish within Africa.

Which is the best comic book publishing company a young artist could possibly hope to work for in a decade (and a half) from now?

  • Now the obvious dream comic book publishing company a young artist would hope to work for can be wither for Marvel or Dc as it has been around for over a century and still going strong, it is an iconic and amazing world that is growing till this day. But other than the obvious here are a top 4 list of multiple amazing companies that will be great to work at

  1. IDW Publishing

  2. Valiant Comics

  3. Dark Horse Comics

  4. Image Comics

How do I register with transferwise as an Amazon Kindle book publisher? Which account should I register, personal or business?

Is it true that a person shouldn't go to a big print-comic book publisher company to present their ideas and if so, why?

  • It does depend on which big print comic book publisher you go to for pitching ideas. For example if you were to want to pitch for Marvel they do not accept any outside ideas unless asked personally. But for other companies such as DC they actually can accept submissions online. It is recommended to first decide who you would like to pitch to and then see if they are accepting ideas from people outside their company.

Are the books published in India which are written by Indian writers sold and read in the foreign countries?

  • Yes, here is a list of some books that are related to this topic

  1. The End of Imagination By: Arundhati Roy

  2. An Autobiography: The story of My Experiments with Truth By: Mahatma Gandhi

  3. The Guide By: R. K. Naraya

  4. Midnight's Children By: Salman Rushdie

How achievable is getting your first book published in USA if you live there as a permanent resident?

  • It is very achievable to get your book published. You must go through all the steps and of course need to pay anything needed. If help is needed there are multiple apps that can be used to achieve your goal.

How do I translate my Hindi writing story to English for a book published?

  • There are a few ways on how to get your book translated. For example:

  1. Find a freelance translator

  2. Go through a company that does translations

  • It is recommended to not translate your book on your own since it is definitely very difficult to do so and research shows that more than half of the time the author who translates on their own gives up.

How many times did you get rejected before getting published?

  • For this question it can honestly vary between people. For example for famous writers like JK Rowling when she pitched her idea for Harry Potter she did get rejected 12 times before she could get published. Don’t give up because it does take effort and persistence sometimes.

How much can I earn as a digest writer? Does a book publisher pay more than a digest writer?

  • On average tha pay can be $1,200 per one article that is written. As a book publisher there is not a rule book to follow. Each publisher can be different for what they charge. But annually it can be around $28,000. Because of this a lot of people do self publishing and therefore the demand for publishers has slowly diminished. Especially with all the apps and technology we have in this generation.

How did you successfully get your book published? Did you have to apply to a lot of publishers or even resort to self publishing? What really helped you out?

  • Here are some step by step on how to get a book successfully published. First you must decide if you would like to pay a publisher to do your work for you or decide to self-publish your book. Now if you decided to go through a publisher instead of self-publishing.

  1. You probably already know this but choose what genre you would consider your book.

  2. You would need to prepare a few things once you choose which publisher you would like to work with. For example: A letter that pitches your idea, A summary about what your book is about and a sample of who your characters are and their personalities.

  3. Then submit your items to the publisher of your choice. Now it is okay to get rejected, this usually leads to you self-publishing but that doesn't mean give up or that your book is not worthy. You can always decide to pitch to another publisher in the meantime.

When wanting to publish a book here are a few quick tips to help you out.

  1. Do not rush any of the process, patience is key. Be original and do not derive your story from something seen multiple times today in other people’s writing. Hire a mentor. Have family and friends look over your work and get advice and feedback which can help you in the long run.

What are the top 10 Books in Fiction published in the last decade?

Here are some of the books that have been known to be some of the bests of their year but of course there are so many more out there that can be discovered

  1. How to Behave in a Crowd By: Camille Bordas

  2. After the Flare By: Deji Bryce Olukotun

  3. The Overstory By: Richard Powers

  4. Florida By: Lauren Groff

  5. Washington Black By: Esi Edugayan

  6. All the Light We Cannot See By: Anthony Doerr

  7. The Book of Unknown Americans By: Cristina Henriquez

  8. Euphoria By: Lily King

  9. Frog Music By: Emma Donoghue

  10. J By: Howard Jacobsan

Why have seven large book publishers like Penguin Random House and HarperCollins filed a lawsuit against Amazon's audio book company Audible?

  • The seven large book publishers filed a lawsuit against Amazon’s audio book company Audible because it has been seen that the company repurposed copyrighted work and this had benefited them. This new idea was transcribing audiobooks and narrating them so that the listeners could read with it.

What are my chances to get a book published internationally if it's in Spanish? Should I hire a translator instead or should I try to do it here, in Mexico, instead?

  • You can hire a translator and go ahead and get it translated into english, the publishing process should not change if doing it through a website. There would be a price to publish but it would be recommended to publish both in spanish and english to widen the opportunity for the audience where spanish is ther

What order should I read the Lord of the Rings books, published writings, etc. if I have seen the films but want to learn about the background mythology?

  • This is a complete list of the books in order of which to read them

  1. The Hobbit

  2. The Fellowship of the Ring

  3. The Two Towers

  4. The Return of the King

  5. The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

  6. The Silmarillion

  7. The Children of Húrin

Can you chat me up on Facebook so we can talk more on creative writing and book publishing?

  • Here is a list of a few facebook groups that you can chat it up about writing and book publishing

  1. The Freelance Content Marketing Writer

  2. Writers Helping Writers

  3. Ask a Book Editor

  4. Indie Writers Unite!

  5. Writers Write

  6. The Aspiring Travel Writer

I have a book published on Amazon and it is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. What should I do to increase the page read count for the book?

  • To get your kindle book to increase the page read count for your book, you can try to add keywords, subscribing to KDP select which can help grow the views. Also you can try to add a smart link to the book which can be done easily since it is digital.

What are the personality traits of the fictional character "Green Goblin" from the comic books published by Marvel Comics?

  • The personality trait was narcissistic, as of course the goblin and the host were two different personalities. Since being the host had multiple personality disorders. Another personality trait was depression and psychosis which helped him grow into the villain he was.

What influenced the illustration style of the fictional supervillain Green Goblin from the comic books published by Marvel Comics?

  • The influence of the illustration style of the Green Goblin was an egyptian sarcophagus that Stan decided was to be a mythological demon but was later decided to become a human villain.

How do I get my book published if it’s like another book?

  • If writing a book is similar to another then it is deemed legal. But if it is copying words from the author and not in your own voice and words then it will be seen as a violation of copyright. Borrowing ideas from another book is also seen as legal since you are not using the reference book as more than a reference and game plan.

I am the co-owner of a small Scandinavian book publishing house. We run an online magazine about culture and art. What should we do to reach more people with our daily articles?

  • Some good ways to expand the audience is to first decide which topics are popular with the audience you're trying to reach. So let's say you are trying to reach a younger audience maybe between the ages 13-16 then you would do research on modern trends or most used apps that they use for example TIKTOK. Another way to also reach your audience is to ask someone who is influential to that group to give a quote. It is all about using what’s trending to bring in the audience.

Where should I report about plagiarism of a book published with the research contents from other reputed researchers. Where to report in USA?

  • To first check if it is plagiarism you can go to and check there and it even gives you the option to report it. There are places to report it also like google and yahoo both have options where you can report it to them.

If a website is illegally selling a pirated copy of an e-book, does the rights holder (the book publisher) have a claim on the money this website has made?

  • When the publisher discovers that their book is being sold on a website illegally they can deal with this properly through a lawsuit. If they do have it copyrighted they can fight this in court and the judge will then decide what happens with the money the website has accumulated with this. But be aware it does cost money to bring up this case so be sure to get a good lawyer and proof that it is indeed yours and it is copyrighted.

What are some of the good publishing houses that give new writers a chance to publish? How do you get your book published?

  • A lot of the independent and small publishers are beginning to give new writers a chance to publish their books, such as:

  1. Akashic Books

  2. Catapult Books

  3. Coffee House Press

  4. Bellevue Literary Press

  5. BOA Editions

In order to get your book published there are multiple ways each of these do. For example #5 accepts with contest entries, #3 accepts through full manuscripts. It depends which company you would like to go with and following their guidelines on how to get noticed and to be accepted that way.

I tried searching for my book published by Amazon by title but it is not coming up via search. Do you know why? If so, how do you resolve this?

  • A lot of the time when searching by title it has trouble popping up. This can be due to the fact that you might not have enough key words. Adding keywords can help with the book popping up. Also there is a way to search books by using the advanced search amazon provides. Amazon has a tendency to also slow down older books from popping up in the algorithm and brings light to newer books. If anything reposting it and using multiple keywords can help with it showing up.

Why are all the books published these years not a part of literature? Why is only a different era of books part of the literature that we study?

  • A lot of the books that were written in a different era has a certain style that had a deeper meaning. It can be seen as interesting seeing how people’s thought process was like. Also seeing it as it being a long time ago there was more possibilities to be original and have ideas no one has thought t of yet which made their work even more priceless and seen as a masterpiece. But throughout colleges and highschools they are starting to bring the newer age of books into play for reading assignments and as the class’s book of the semester.

How does one feel when he is lied to by a book publisher everyone knows about?

  • When one is lied to by a book publisher everyone knows about they will feel betrayed. Even hurt and sadness can overcome them. There is no telling what exactly they lied about but if it were something like a scam and something was cheated from them then that would feel horrible and anger will be acceptable. Sometimes one would feel the need to speak about this lie to the public to let it known on what this publisher has done to them. But it all depends on what they lied about.

How hard is it to get a book published by iUniverse? Are they reputable and what are the steps I would take?

  • It is actually an easy process because you are not alone throughout the journey of being published. IUniverse actually has a support team that helps you reach your dream smoother than if you were to be alone. IUniverse has three packages to choose from when wanting to publish a book. And all three has different costs that is attached to it. Prices do become a little pricey depending on your budget. There is even a choice that compares all three packages to see which one fits your needs the best. According to Trustpilot this website is one to trust and has helped many with their process of publishing, especially for beginners who do not know how to begin the process.

Are sutras of Vedic Mathematics copyright protected? I can see, there are lots of book available presently on Vedic Mathematics. Is it not copyright violation of the original book published by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers?

  • There are certain things about this that can’t exactly be under copyright, such as formulas that are involved in here, this also includes laws of nature and naturally occurring substances. The reason why the formulas can’t be copyrighted, is because it is not something for one person to use it is something anyone and everyone can use as it is produced to help understand. The copyright for this will end as all things can, and it has the year of 2025 when it expires after 60 years since being published in 1965.






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