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The Dreamer

Some say dreams are a way of speaking to spirits. Some say dreams are actually your brain pulling out fragments of your memories and the things you thought you dreamed is just a story you made when you woke up to make sense of everything. I don’t think that way. What if when you went to sleep you were actually watching yourself from another dimension? What if when you are awake, the other you is sleeping and watching you? My name is Brock Hollis. I am 23 years old; and for the past 6 years I have been doing intensive research on dreams, and the brain when you dream. I believe that dreams mean something very important and it’s up to the dreamer to figure it out. That’s me. I’m the dreamer. I started getting intense dreams at age 10. The dreams that I had were not normal dreams for the average kid. When I was 16 I watched a man murder his wife in my dream. Little did I know a few weeks later that a year or so ago that very woman died in the house the exact way that I saw. Tell me that dreams mean nothing now. I found my first love my sophomore year of highschool. Lily Olivia Rose, she was beautiful, sweet, and pure. When she left me, it broke my heart and come to think of it I think I still love her. Even now. And maybe that’s why I am so dedicated to my research. For her. I see her in my dreams a lot. It’s almost as if, in my dreams of course, Im supposed to save her. She’s been in my dreams the past three nights. The first night she was sleeping on a hammock and the forest burst into flames. I tried moving closer to her to wake her up but my body was frozen. I tried screaming but no sound was coming out. I watched the love of my life burn. The second night I was walking along the banks and docks of a small private lake and I see her struggling for air in the water. I dropped everything and tried to pull her out; but it was as if something was pulling her deeper. I then watched the love of my life drown. The third night sparked my interest the most. Lily was always scared of heights and bridges. In this dream we were walking along the bridge. I went first so she wouldn’t be afraid. When she began walking across the bridge, the whole thing snapped and our bodies plunged into the dirty surface hundreds of feet below us. I remember her looking over at me, me looking at her. Our last breath together and the bright light before I woke up in a panic. These dreams with her have made me think of a lot, including life choices I have made. I thought that I wanted to pursue acting. I thought I wanted to be somebody that everyone knew. I don’t know what I want anymore. The only things I am sure of is that these dreams mean something, and that I am very in love with Lily Olivia. Over the course of many years logging my dreams, I think I have figured out what I needed to do. I have picked out certain things from my journal to share, welcome to my research. I am The Dreamer

The Dreamer 

For Brock, my brother.

Entry #49

Goodmorning. I have gotten 6 hours of sleep in the past five days. I feel as if time is slowing. Lily messaged me today, I miss her. Last Night my dream was abnormal. No lily and no deaths. The first thing I noticed in my dream was that the room I was sitting in wasn’t empty. The room was completely pitch black with a warmth to it. There was a ticking sound that I heard to my right and every once and a while I heard a voice. The voice was unrecognizable; and all it said was “go”. Whispering in my ear “go” every few minutes. Immediately in my dream I began asking where. “Where do i need to go?” The voice  couldnt give me the information I needed instead the “go” became a more intense whisper. I felt my bottom become numb in the wooden chair beneath it. However, I didn’t want to stand because I was unsure of where this voice was coming from. “Go”. I woke up in panic. 

This dream gave me a command. Now I must figure out where I need to go.






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