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The Frog That Never Left


I chose this because it's a real frog, butterfly, hummingbird and a garden snake that hang around my house. This frog will not leave my flower beds. So I thought it would be a good idea for a children's book.

Let's Begin

One night sitting outside staring at the stars, It had just gotten done raining all day. Macy heard this noise, like a rustle. So Macy went inside to grab a flashlight and decided to follow the noise and it led her to the side of the house in her flower bed...Then she turned the flashlight on to see what it was, it was the frog, it jumped up and scared her so bad that she dropped the flashlight. Macy just stood there and laughed because she can't believe a frog made her jump the way she did. Next thing you know the frog says "Hi my name is Henry".  Now mind you that Macy lives out in the wooded country in the middle of nowhere which means there's all kinds of bugs, insects and animals! 

The Character's

Young lady: Macy

Frog: Henry

Butterfly: Bluebelle

Hummingbird: Gabby

Garden snake: Beau

I was doing yard work one day and I came across a garden snake that slithered across my path. Then he stopped, looked at me and said "Hi my name is Beau".  Macy stood there in total shock as she just stared at Beau, thinking a snake just talked to me.  So Macy said "Hi my name is Macy", pleased to meet you.  Beau, a garden snake with a very exquisite look with the colors of black, brown and orange that have patterns in forms of rings that mesmerize you.  One day, before you know it, the most beautiful butterfly came around the corner. She was blue with black stripes and white dots on the edges of her wings. Her name was Bluebelle and boy did it fit her. Then came along, on another day, a hummingbird as busy as can be going from flower to flower named Lulu  who sang her heart away.


Macy woke up one morning with the sun shining so bright in her room.  As she stretched and climbed out of bed she put her slippers on and went downstairs.  All you can smell is freshly brewed coffee and the boutique of wild flowers she picked the day before. So Macy grabs a cup of coffee and strolls outside on the patio to enjoy the beautiful weather.  While sitting there on her patio, Bluebelle comes out of nowhere and flies right to her.  So Macy stood up and Bluebelle started circling around her, top to bottom, bottom to top.  Then she landed on the ground right in front of her and just sat there meanwhile out of the corner of her eye, Macy saw Henry hopping his way over.  Macy thought, well if Henry comes over he'll scare Bluebelle away and she won't come back. But to Macy's surprise, Bluebelle didn't fly away!  

While everyone is standing there just chit chatting, Macy hears a noise, a humming noise and it's getting closer and closer. All of a sudden here comes Lulu out of nowhere buzzing around everybody, she's very happy and playful. So she stops buzzing around and just flies still so she can participate in the conversation. They all decided to go over to the patio to get out of the sun under the gazebo.  So Lulu starts talking about how it's too hot out that the flowers are dying so there's not much nectar to have. Lulu will have to eat more bugs and insects to fill her up. Oh Henry, all he does is eat because bugs are everywhere and not to mention the snails and slugs he eats. Yuck!  

As they are all sitting around laughing and carrying on, Macy hears another noise. Out of the bushes slithers Beau, all fat from eating something big.  Henry all of a sudden starts to panic and get nervous around Beau. Thinking he's going to try and eat him so he starts hopping over to Macy just in case.  Bluebelle started flying around like crazy because she thinks Beau is a danger to them.  And Lulu was still buzzing around not doing anything because she already knows he will not be able to catch her.  

See Macy already met Beau and she is the only one who knows that he is not going to harm none of them. But before Macy could say anything, Henry Bluebelle and Lulu gathered together and were planning on attacking Beau first so he can't come after them. Well in the midst of it all, Macy tries to break it up without stepping on or tripping over one of them.  Then Lulu went to go after Beau and Macy ran into something and she tried to get her balance but she swung and accidentally smacked Bluebelle and she went flying backwards and landed in the yard. 

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks when they saw what happened to Bluebelle.  Then Macy all of a sudden got real mad and started yelling at all of them. Trying to tell them about Beau and how he's not going to harm anyone. He's just like the rest, the odd ball, the loner and the unknown. They travel alone and keep to themselves because he doesn't want trouble either.   After Macy was done yelling, as she huffs and puffs, she sat down and stayed quiet as everyone did. Beau slithered forward and apologized for what happened, he just wanted to be friends. Lulu and Bluebelle went to him and gave him a great big hug that put a big smile on his face. Henry on the other hand was still a little hesitant but Beau slithered on over to Henry to make amends so they exchanged some kind words and they all became friends. This made Macy so happy!

As days and weeks go by they all stayed friends and gathered almost everyday. Then one day one by one they stopped coming around.  Lulu was the first to drift away and go on with her life elsewhere.  Then Beau really didn't go anywhere except under the house where he slithered into and never seen again. Bluebelle was here everyday because of my flower beds but it was time for her to go due to the weather change. Macy hadn't seen Henry in awhile until one day she went outside and there he was sitting at her doorstep. Before you know it Macy days went by and good Ol' Henry was still there. Macy was amazed that he's there and they spent weeks and months together and till this day, he is still there...






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