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Urban Fiction Book Publishing Services

Urban Fiction Book Publishing is an area of publishing that focuses on African-American topics. Founded in 2002 by Carl Weber, this company is focused on putting out books with diverse themes.

Good2Go Publishing

The Good2Go Publishing Company is a premier urban fiction book publisher. They have sold over one million books worldwide.

Their titles are available in a variety of formats, including digital and print. They also have a marketing team that works to promote their products. You can submit your work to Good2Go today. Urban Fiction is becoming a very popular genre. There are many urban literature publishers to choose from. Finding the right publisher can increase your chances of getting published. Aside from being a great source of entertainment, urban fiction can also serve as a way to improve your local community. Many of these books are set in an urban environment and feature stories involving real life characters. Some of these books feature sex, violence, and other twists.

If you want to find a good publisher for your urban fiction, you need to do some research. It is not enough to find a publisher that accepts your manuscript; you should also check out the submission process. Read about the publisher's background and the types of books they are interested in. Several of these publishers are newcomers. Some of these are founded by authors. Others are run by large publishing companies. Be sure to read their websites to find out what they're looking for.

The Melodrama Publishing Company is based in New York and publishes novels that feature strong female protagonists. This is a good choice if you're a writer who wants to add a little sex and drama to your novel. For the best possible chance of being accepted, you should submit a finished, print-ready copy of your work. Most of these publishers are interested in stories with strong themes or true-to-life characters.

While a good publisher can help your urban fiction get into the hands of the general public, it is up to you to promote your work. Don't be afraid to tell others what you've achieved.

Getting your urban fiction into the public eye can be challenging. But there are a number of publishers to choose from, all of which offer unique opportunities to authors. By staying motivated, you have a better chance of finding success.

La Femme Fatale Publishing

If you're looking to publish your urban fiction work, La' Femme Fatale Publishing can help you find your audience. Though they've been a bit quiet on social media recently, they're still actively seeking new talent.

They publish books on a range of topics, from lifestyle guides to romance novels. They've published Veronica Malone's Life Goes On and Concrete Jungle.

They also offer services like distribution, film production and self-publishing. Their website specializes in Urban Fiction, but they have titles that appeal to a variety of tastes.

Another urban lit publisher is Triple Crown Publications. The company is run by author Vickie Stringer. She's a crime writer and a former prisoner. Using her knowledge of the streets, she writes gritty stories that mix literature and hip-hop.

In addition to writing, she helps others get published. She's also written a guide to the publishing world. Her books are filled with literary devices that mix mainstream issues with urban ones. Although Felony Books is based in Kansas City, Missouri, they publish works that include real crime from around the globe. They've published several bestselling novels.

They're best suited for writers who want to add a little drama to their work. For instance, their titles typically have strong female characters and wealth.

They're a small operation, but they have a wide selection of genres. They're a great place for African-American writers to publish their work.

The Royalty Publishing House is an urban fiction publisher based in Atlanta. Their covers entice readers and they are well-backed by a large staff. Authors who submit their manuscripts to the Royalty Publishing House must follow their submission guidelines, including a synopsis and title. As a general rule, you should avoid mainstream publishers when looking to get your work published. Instead, you should try to find a specialty publisher or two. There are a number of excellent publishers that specialize in Urban Fiction. However, keep in mind that getting your work published may be more difficult than you think. Make sure to find the right publisher for you. By following a few simple guidelines, you can increase your chances of success.

Delphine Publications

Delphine Publications is an urban fiction book publishing company located in Atlanta, Georgia. This small publishing company has a down home feel and is willing to publish all types of African American literature.

Aside from being a well known writer, Tamika Newhouse is also the CEO of Delphine Publications. She is the founder of the company and has won several African American Literary Awards.

The publisher's titles include a number of novels about street life and contemporary romance. Although Delphine Publications does not have an official website, they are active on social media. In addition to the novels, Delphine Publications has published a number of self-help guides. Delphine's books have a slight hint of melodrama.

"ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest" is a fast-paced political thriller that follows 21-year-old alleged terrorist Lorenzo. It was a 2011 Indie Excellence Book Award winner.

Another novel published by Delphine Publications is Between the Sheets. It tells the story of Delphine and her sisters, Vonetta and Fern. Their lives have changed since the summer they were in Oakland. Now, the girls are heading back to New York. However, Big Ma is still expecting Delphine to take care of her younger sisters.

The company is open for submissions. They accept both e-books and paperbacks. As with any publishing company, it can be challenging to get your work published.

Delphine Publications publishes both urban fiction and fantasy. They are currently looking for new talent. Many publishers shy away from the Urban Fiction genre, but there are several that specialize in the genre. These companies can help you publish your work.

There are many other popular urban lit publishing companies, so don't settle. Finding the right one for you is the best way to improve your odds of getting published. And don't forget to check out the Black Friday Box Set of Urban Books. You will find 50 full-length novels in this box set. With so many amazing characters, you won't want to miss a single story!

Whether you're writing about romance, crime, or just a good story, these publishing houses can help you get your work out there.

K'wan Foye

K'wan Foye is one of the most prolific authors of urban fiction of the past twenty years. He's written over two dozen bestselling novels, and his novels, particularly his Animal series, have become best sellers across the globe. His novels are full of suspense and cautionary tales.

When he was young, Foye dabbled in robbery and sold weed. After serving six months in upstate New York for firearms possession, he turned around and got a job as a broker. It was at this job that he first started writing. Although he didn't plan on becoming a writer, he eventually found himself writing therapeutic books and other works.

As an author, he's been featured in many magazines and newspapers, such as Time, King, Vibe, and The Library Journal. He's also been interviewed on national public radio and MTV News.

Foye's pulpy thrillers are rich in hip-hop argot and detail the graphic underworld life of hustlers on the make. They feature code-bound gang members, dope fiends, wily working girls, and ruthless pimps. His book, "Eviction Notice," was awarded the Street Lit Book Award Medals. He's been featured in the New York Press and Time Magazine, and has been on the cover of BET, Pages, and Entertainment Weekly.

A prolific author, K'wan has also written novels for Cash Money Content, the publisher of the Animal series. The series is set in New York City and features a recurring cast of characters.

In addition to his work in publishing, K'wan is also the CEO of Black Dawn Inc., a small press that publishes a number of black writers. He's served as a mentor to children's NGO, and has been a motivational speaker. K'wan's novels are popular with both black and white readers, and he's been praised for his artful storytelling and suspenseful plots. He's won several awards, including the Black Author award and the African American Literary Award, and he's been a nominee for the Street Lit Book Award.

He's currently working on a new novel. K'wan is currently residing in New Jersey. You can read some of his acclaimed novels online, and you can buy a Kindle Unlimited membership that will allow you to download any two of his books for free!

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