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Which Publishing Company Is the Largest

There are two main publishing companies that are largest. Pearson is the largest publishing company in the world and Penguin Random House is the largest in America. I will be explaining who both publishing companies are, where they came from, and what makes them the largest. I will also be giving you my opinion on which company I think would be the best. 

Pearson is a British owned publishing service to corporations, students and schools as well. Peason made its name by owning educational media brands such as Addison Wesley, Peachpit, Prentice Hall, eCollege, Longman, Scott Foresman, and many others. Pearson has locations in Seventy different countries, but sixty percent of them come from the North American market. The headquarters is located in London, England, UK.  Pearson annually revenue is about six point seven billion dollars, making it the number one largest publishing company in the world. 

Peasron was founded by Samuel Pearson in 1844 in Yorkshire as a building and engineering company. At that time Pearson went by the name S. Pearson & Son. After the company was passed to the grandson Weetman Dickson Pearson in 1890 it was moved to London and became one of the largest construction companies at that time. During the time Pearson was a construction company it built multiple famous landmarks such as The Black Tunnel, Admiralty Harbor, Hailfax Dry Doc Canada, The East River Railway tunnels in Mexico as well as many other railway and harbors around the world. In the 1920’s the construction company shut down. It was not until 1921 when they bought several daily and weekly newspapers in the United Kingdom that would form the Westminster Press Group, the beginning of its publishing name. In 1957, Pearson bought The Financial Times and acquired fifty percent of stake in The Economist. Pearson first listed on the London Stock exchange in 1959 and a year later bought paperback publisher Penguin. Through 1972 to 1985 Pearson bought Ladybird books. In 1986 Pearson invested in The British Satellite Broadcasting Consortiums. A few years later it merged with Sky Tv now known as British Sky Broadcasting. Between 1990 and 2000 Pearson bought several T.V. production and podcasting. In 1990 Pearson bought the education division of Harpee Collins as well as book publisher Scott Foresman & Co. In 1998 Peason bought Prentice Hall Textbook/Simons * Structure Trade Books. Using these to merge its own education unit Addison Westly to form Pearson Education. In 2000 to 2010 Pearson bought Dorling Kindersley combining it with Penquine. While buying National Computer System Pearson entitled the educational assessment and school management found in the United States. During this time Pearson bought companies like Rough Guides, The travel publisher Edexcel and a series of other testing and assessment business including Knowledge Technolgies, AGS. National Evaluation System and Promisor.. When Pearson purchased American Software company Pearson announced in 2013 the plan to invest in digital learning and emerging markets. The change formed the Penguin Random House combining separate education companies ( Pearson International and Pearson America) under one company. Organizing around three global lines of business- school higher education and professional. Using that motto and all the purchases over the years Pearson is now the largest publishing company in the world. 

The largest publishing company in America is Penguin Random House. Penguin Random House was formed in 2013 and owned by Markus Dohle. During that time he completed a 2.4 billion transaction between Bertelsmann and Pearson merging both Random House and Penguin Group. Markus Dohle became the CEO of the company; over ten thousand employees would work with a publishing list of fifteen thousand titles a year. In September 2014 Penguin signed its first production deal with Universal Pictures in which Random house would produce films based on Penguin Random House base books. In November 2015 Penguin announced it would begin to focus on its educational division. In June 2017 Peason sold twenty-two percent of its stake to Bertelsmann hold on to eighteen percent until December 2018 when Pearson sold the remainder giving Bertelsmann then owned Penguin Random House. It was until April 2020 when the transaction was complete. In June 2020 Penguin was one of the publishing groups that sued Internet Archive for its collection on e-books and denying its authors and publishers revenue and accusing of “willful mass copyright infringement.” Penguin Random House became the largest publishing company in America due to its connection and passion for reading and connecting authors and writers with their readers everywhere. Penguin Random House published in 20 countries worldwide, printing English and Spanish Nonfiction and Fiction children and adult books. Penguins publishing includes eighty Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the worlds most widely read authors.

Originally Penguin Random House was owned by Pearson and both publishing companies are a good choice if you were looking to start writing a book. I do believe that Penguin Random House is the best choice because they not only focus on their readers, but they try to meet their readers' attention by what the author writes. Pearson on the other hand focuses on more educational publishing and is a better choice when your focus is to publish a book for a school.  Keep in mind that there are plenty other publishing companies but these are the largest in both the world and America So they are well known and the most popular, also having the most employees as well as how much money they make annually.






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