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General Queries

Can I learn a little more about the design support?

When it comes to formatting a book, Authors can choose their book sizes..From here, all the formatting and structuring of the book is done using advanced technology -- the same technology that we use to publish and print industry standard books.

I have a friend... he knows what he wants to write, and has the first 4 chapters but no longer has access to a computer or Microsoft. He wants to know if there is someone he can tell what to type down for his ideas (not a ghostwriter, someone he can call and tell them what to write word for word). Is this possible? What are his options?

His only options would be to either take the ghost writing plan. Or, he can handwrite the rest and send it in to us. We can't do much more than that!

The work does not contain any material of a libelous or obscene nature. How obscene is "too obscene?"

As long as the book isn't a pornographic book (About porn), the author can write as they wish. We publish erotic books, but nothing about porn.

Where is our physical Main office located?

Our main office is in PA. We have 30+ offices nationwide. They're all closed due to Covid-19. The good news is all of our Author Representatives are currently working from home, allowing us to continue publishing books and servicing aspiring and existing authors across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

What’s a distribution channel?

A distribution channel is a place where we publish your book. Amazon, google play, google books, and barnes and noble.

Where is the author bio typically placed in the book? Is it placed according to the author's preference?

It is normally placed according to the author's preference, if nothing is noted, then front of the book.

Can clients receive physical copies of their publishing agreements?

Yes, they can print them.

If an author wants to credit their illustrator in their book, where is this placed and how should it look?

It is usually placed on the front of the book below the author's name.

How soon must the author submit and complete the W-9 Form? Must this only be completed prior to purchasing their author copies of the book?

In order for the author to be paid, they must complete it.

If an author has access to studio equipment, can they record their own voiceover for their book?

Yes, an author is more than welcome to record their own voiceover.

What happens if you go out of business or sell, do I get my files?

Our company not only survived through a Covid-19 pandemic, but we have managed to drop our prices, introduce a free plan and make book publishing more affordable for authors who can't afford to publish a book.

I own a web domain can I make a site

Yes, we'll provide a Google-Hosted site. This site does not have the functionality for adding a domain name.

Do I have to be approved for my book title?


How long would it take to get the book published?

The timeline depends on the plan taken out for the book. See the turnaround times above!

How would the picture be selected for the author?

The author chooses.

I have a contract signed with another publisher in all formats. Is there any problem for Alpha Book Publisher?

Yes, you will have to fill out the alternate publisher form.

Can Alpha Book Publishing help me with getting my book in the Denver BookStore gift shop? I have already acquired their information and just need to pass it along to your company if they can help me.

We'll pair you with a marketing advisor (who may or may not be your Author Representative) to give you recurring advice on how to get your book in your local bookstores, libraries and schools.

Can you send me samples of other authors' social media accounts like facebook, instagram and twitter so I can see them?

Here is a social media account for an author who recently published with us.

How is a book’s paperback retail price determined?

Production cost The type of book you have We can look at similar books, or the average price of competing books in the market...

What is the price range we recommend for eBook retail price?

The publishing industry has set a standard that ebooks should be priced between $2.99-$9.99 because ebooks were designed to be cheaper.

What is the price range we recommend for paperback retail price?

The publishing industry has set a standard that ebooks should be priced between $3.99 thru $19.99.

What Is the Minimum page requirement to publish a paperback book?

There is a 24-minimum page requirement for paperback publishing and distribution -- a standard set by the publishing industry. You can send to us the additional pages you wanted to add so we can include it in your book.

What is our company’s fax number?

You can fax the signed publishing agreements back to us through 844-653-5287, or you can email it to us as well.

What is the minimum publishing plan for me to get Copyright Protection on my book?

You can have extra copies of your book printed even under the Starter Plan. However, we recommend that you get the Rookie Plan so that you can get a Copyright for your book as well.

I will need to determine how many pages will be in my book. I'll need to know the dimensions of a "normal" page.

5.5 x 8.5 is the most commonly used book size. As a result, your entire word document will need to be 5.5x 8.5. You're allowed to resize your manuscript on your own, and our publishing team can do it for you as well.

How do I decide what (if Any) illustrations there will be & for which poem?

We recommend you not copy images from the internet, unless they are from "royalty free sites" and "Copyright-free image sites". You can google those keywords above or use one of our templates below to help you with finding images for your book.

Must I write a synopsis of the book/ my poetry?

Yes. Readers will only buy your book if they can read a synopsis or book description of what your book is about.

How many payment plans do we offer?

a. Upfront Payment option -- authors who pay upfront receive a 5.59% discount off the publishing plan. b. Pay-after-Publishing (pay only after your ebook is published. Once payment is settled, then paperback is published right away alongside the ebook.) c. Payment Plans (of up to 6 months - and interest-free)

Can my Author name be Other Than my real name?

Yes. Authors have the opportunity to provide a pen name to protect their identity.

I have a couple poems that have only 2 or 3 stanzas. In your opinion--or that of an editor--should I include them in the book?

Yes. Absolutely.

Will there be a Mentor who could offer suggestions &/or I could bounce ideas off of as I create the manuscript?

We do provide stand-alone ghostwriter services where a ghostwriter is paid to help you write your book. Additionally, through the publishing plans our professional editors will go over your finished manuscript and edit your book by fixing errors and providing as many suggestions, recommendations and feedback on your story.

Will I be coached / guided as far as the Videos? What about dealing with the web pages & websites?

Yes. One of our female hosts will conduct a mock-up session of the author interview a few weeks before the real one. This is the post-publication stage, and will be done only after your book is published.

Which of the following items are REQUIRED to be submitted for us to get started?

Manuscript Front Cover Picture/ Template Description (Describing what they want for cover) Book Description Author Bio

Which of the following items are OPTIONAL to be submitted for us to get started?

Author Photo Back Cover eBook Price Paperback Price


Why Should I self-publish with Alpha Book Publisher?

Alpha Book Publisher is the only independent self-publisher currently offering a free plan to publish your book. Other companies claim to have a free plan, but there's always hidden fees and a few conditions on the fine print. With our Babyface Plan, there are no hidden fees.

What Services do you provide?

We provide 2 types of services - publishing services and supplementary services. Our publishing services can be found on the top of this page, and they are: a. The Babyface Plan b. The Starter Plan c. The Rookie Plan d. The Classic Plan e. The Strategic Plan f. The Premiere Plan Our Supplementary services include: a. Formatting b. Design c. Editorial d. Production e. Bookselling f. Marketing

How many books do you publish each year?

We publish around 500 author books annually, and are growing.


If someone doesn't want part of a plan, can they choose to omit it?

Yes, absolutely.

How many books can one publish through the Babyface plan?

As many as they want.


Registration Section 1: Author will register copyright of the Book... Isn't that the duty of the publisher?

Books are registered copyright only if the author takes out any of the premium plans. The Starter Plan, is the minimum premium plan that has copyright protection - registered by the publisher. The free plan does not include copyright protection.

How does the copyright process work?

There are 2 ways to get copyright. You can file copyright for your book directly to , Or have us file it on your behalf.' Once copyright is filed with the U.S Gov Copyright office, it will take 6-9 months for them to mail you a letter confirming your ownership of your book / intellectual property. Even though it takes 6-9 months to get a mail from the government, as soon as it's filed, you are immediately recognized as the copyright owner while waiting for the government to confirm your ownership. The cost to file copyright with the U.S Government ranges anywhere from 45 to 85. If you wanted Alpha Book Publisher to file for your copyright, there's an extra $15 administrative fee.

Will I own 100% rights to my book?

Yes. At Alpha Book Publisher, we only publish your book. You keep 100% rights, ownership and control over your manuscript and all relevant materials pertaining to your book.

Author Payments

When does an author need to fill out the W-9 form? Do we have access to this on our end as author reps?

It is on their author dashboard for their payout. Author Dashboards are created once the author's book is a week or two away from publication.

Does your company offer payment advancement?

No. But we pay out on sales of books

Book Printing

Does Alpha Book Publisher Print The Books?

Yes. When we publish the book, we also print the book. Authors are able to buy copies of their book at wholesale prices, and wherever your book is being sold online --from Amazon to Barnes & Noble, we'll ship out copies of your book to the customer -- and pay you a royalty. We pay out the highest royalties in the industry. 30% on paperback (because shipping and price of book is included...) And up to 80% on eBooks. No other publisher pays their authors this much in royalties.

I need clarification as to whether I must order my own books, etc.

No. Author does not need to purchase their own books. This is completely optional. Our minimum quantity is 1 book per order. The average production cost of a book (the book printed by the manufacturer) is around $5.49 per book on average.

How many copies of the book would be made with the Starter Plan? 10 copies...

How many copies of his book will he get? Free Plan : 0

Can I buy the books wholesale?

Our authors will have the opportunity to purchase copies at wholesale prices, at the production cost. How much does it cost? Average cost per production cost is $5 for the author, and you get a chance to markup your book for the retail price.

How many copies will be printed out in all?

The default printing option for all authors is Print-On-Demand. Print-On-Demand is a process where books are printed whenever someone purchases a copy.

After I make a payment for my book how soon do I get it delivered to my home address?

The rookie plan gives you 5 free copies of your book mailed to you.

In addition, How much is it to order my books? Once I pay will a certain amount of books be sent to me or will I still have to order books? If so please let me know now and how much so I can begin budgeting for that process..

Once your ebook is approved, our technology will determine how much it costs to print your book. We have one of the lowest printing costs in the industry.

Can I sell physical copies of my book in stores in my home country? (INorth America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia)

Yes. You can buy copies of your book at wholesale price (production cost of printing) and sell it anywhere in the world. The average printing cost is $5.49 for a paperback copy and $15.49 for a hardcover copy. There are no fees for ebook creation and publishing.


Is the editing with Alpha Book Publisher more developmental or line editing?

Our editorial services combine all 3 forms of editing into one. We do developmental editing, line editing and proofreading -- all in one service -- and that service is our Editorial Assessment. Our free plan has 50 free corrections, and if you wanted more edits on your book you will have the option to purchase more!

Can you get the manuscript edited without signing up for a plan?

No, unfortunately not.


Does marketing occur before or after the book is released?

Our marketing services occur only after the book is published. This way, customers can buy the book when they discover your book as a result of our marketing efforts.

Is there support for strategic outreach planning?

If you purchased the strategic plan, yes. All the marketing will be supported by our company. And even if you published your book using our free plan, you'll get assigned a marketing agent within weeks after your book is published. Our marketing agents are advisors that will help you get your book in your local public libraries, bookstores and schools. And this is free of charge - even on our free plan.

Can I publish my books at a local store for resale?

When you publish your book with us, we'll pair you with a marketing advisor who will give you advice on how to get your book in your local bookstores and libraries. Your book will also be sold on, amazon, and many other distribution channels.

Can I link to the amazon and other sites you sell the book at from my site?

Yes. Your book will be linked to all other distribution channels. We'll provide all the links to you on your author dashboard.

I have a my own workshop. I have some videos I want to have a place on my site where they can buy the videos and book as a package I will send them?

Yes, we will be providing full links for you to use so you can place your book on your website and the links to where it's being sold on all of our distribution channels.

On my site can I package the book with online workshops or services?

Yes, you can do anything you want when it comes to marketing your book.

How soon will I receive my book marks and business cards? How will they know what to put on my business cards, will I be able to develop them or are they all standard? What will my bookmarks look like?

Yes. Once you approve your final ebook, we will move on to creating your promotional materials. Recently we decided to give our authors control over what they want their 3 promotional items to look like: Below you can customize what you want your promotional items to look like or elect to have the Publishing Team create them based on your book and its genre. Bookmarks: Postcards: Business Cards:

I already made facebook and instagram pages for my accounts so what will Alpha publishing be able to do to help me with those social media accounts ?

Alpha Book Publisher will provide short-term and long-term marketing tips and strategies to help boost your social media following that goes beyond creating the accounts itself.

If I do a workshop and say I have a book and want to see how big of a buy spike there is in sales. Can I see where they [consumers] are buying my book and in what format?


I know in my Amazon kindle book, I can run specials. Will I have that ability with the free plan? Can I run book specials myself or do you have to do it for me?

You can run a pre-order and run your book at a cheaper price, and change it in the future.


Do you have a contract that I need to sign?

If by contract you mean, legal agreement, then yes. We don't use the word "contract" to describe our publishing agreements because a contract is strict and sometimes predatory. On the other hand, our publishing agreements grants you a lot more flexibility and allows you to opt out at any time. Our 3 publishing agreements are as follows: Author Publisher Agreement.pdf eBook Publishing Agreement.pdf Fixed-Royalty Author Publisher Agreement.pdf You will need to read these publishing agreements, ask us as many questions as you can before you sign them - and once they're signed and sealed, then Alpha Book Publisher will have your permission and the legal right to publish your book under your consent.

How much will my book cost?

Actual Production cost will be learned once we run the book through printing software, after approval of the 2-page cover (w/spine) Right now, we can only provide an estimate. Production cost will run anywhere from: $7.49-$12.99 This is an estimated price and is only for black & white interior, book type, and page count. Actual price will only be learned once we run the actual finished book through our printing software, then we’ll be able to let you know the actual production cost other than the estimation. If the author decides full color interior, the production cost may skyrocket to double or triple the estimated production cost for black & white interior -- based on manufacturing costs.

How many copies do I get?

20 paperback copies are allocated to her on the premiere plan’s budget….

Permanent Print-On-Demand Availability

Alpha Book Publisher oversees the printing, shipment and handling of all paperback books. Only paperback books are eligible for print-on-demand printing. The manufacturing industry does not allow print-on-demand printing for hardcover copies. So hardcover copies...

Update Your Mailing Address

Here is a link you will need to fill out the form so we have a record of your most recent mailing address for any shipments to your home.

If I need more copies, where do I get it?

Once the book has been published, a unique link will be sent to you to buy more copies of her book at the production cost. This will allow you to buy copies of your book at the production at any time for any number of books. Mailing Address form is to be filled out...