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Christ’s Law, Not Man’s

Christ's Law, not man's will guide you in studying God's Word and gaining
understanding of the Scripture that lies within the verses. You will have a
better understanding of forming a relationship with your Almighty Creator,
maintaining that relationship and building it stronger through continued
Christian growth. You will know what it is to walk a Christian journey
and why it is an important part of your faith. This title also informs you of
three different translation methods that are used in today's bibles and which
methods are used in some of the more popular bible translations. You will
learn also of a good number of worldly traditions which are believed to be
of God's Law for salvation, which are very widely taught in many of today's
denominations. You will also know the truth about what God's Word says
about these traditional beliefs. Christ's Law, not man's takes you through a
step by step walk in confessing Christ to be your Lord and Savior and also
gives you important knowledge to help you not be misled by the law of man
which doesn't coincide with the Law of Christ.

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