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The Alpha Book Publisher

Internship Program

Red Life Saver
Red Life Saver

Welcome to the Alpha Book Publisher Internship Program.

Today we will go over the Full Internship journey - hosted by the Alpha Publishing Team.

To get started, click the first page below.

After reading the first page, you may continue down the list.

1. About Our Company

2. What the Unpaid Internship is about.

3. Blog & Youtube Narration.

4. Book Reading & Author Feedback Loop

5. Learn How We Recruit Other Interns, or for any other position

   - 30 minutes of learning, including a video tutorial guide and hands-on training...


Completed Your Internship? Continue below.

The following pages are password-protected. Please ask your Supervisor about the Guest Password.

7. Join our Online Photo Album *Interns-Only*

8. Tell the World about Your Experience

9. Receiving An Official Internship Certificate

10. Invitation to the Online Graduation Party

11. Join Our Annual Young Leaders Forum (YLF) *alumni*

     - Get access to perks, cashback from stores, and other membership benefits...

     - Get help with your resume if you're applying for a career job

     - Contests related to book publishing

     - Compete for cash prizes right before the holidays

12. Publish Your Own Book / Setup a Publishing Company

     - Publish Your Own Book

     - Independent Franchise Setup


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