Where to Go from Here?


Ariela reflects on her life as a teenager in her junior year of high school. She ventures through her life of being a bullied teen who struggles with a multitude of mental illnesses. During her journey to mental wellness and recovery she is faced with many crazy ideals brought on by her manipulative ex boyfriend Damien.

Regardless of what she did it seemed merely impossible for her to find a silver lining. After suffering a severe mental breakdown Ariela’s life changed forever.

With heavy material ahead she encourages you to reach deep into your heart and open up your mind as she shares her personal experiences with her mental illnesses, in hopes of spreading awareness about how severe it can be if left untreated.

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About the Author

Ariela Karpovich was born and raised in New York City, but considers Pennsylvania as her hometown where she spent most of her life. She and her twin sister Michelle are the eldest out of four children.

The younger siblings being her sister Tabitha, and her brother D’Angelo. During high school she attended a trade school where she received an associates degree in cosmetology.
She currently pursues a successful career as a hairstylist and model. She lives a happy life with her loving husband and two beautiful Pit Bulls Teddy and Lucifer. Her hobbies include cosplaying, gaming, photography, reading, and writing. She's always had love and passion for
writing, but her lack of self-confidence prevented her from following her dreams of being a writer. Her husband and her family supported her decision to become a writer, but her worst enemy was herself. One rainy day Ariela was overwhelmed with emotions after losing close friends to suicide and began to write again. She knew that it was time for her to share her story with the world. In hopes that writing about her battle with mental illness and her recovery can spread awareness, and encourage others to seek treatment.
“Where to go from here?” is her debut memoir.      

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