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Widow, Orphan, Alien & Destitute:


Fasten your seatbelt; Backtrack! We Have killed our Husband, Parent, and Benefactor. Now, accelerate slowly to the infinitesimal, sacred, scientific foundation of this entity, through eyes of MIT trained engineer, Gerald Schroeder. NASA, and NOAA will underscore revealed methodical principles! Don’t speed past lexicons made plain by Ancient Hebrew Research Center’s founder, Jeff A. Benner. Also, be prepared to come to a full stop upon the probability of alien visitation, hostile or friendly, — rethink thumbing your nose at the thought. On this, hear sacred scholars, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, and Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, of “righteous memory, and anticipated Jewish Messiah.
   Can you imagine the Land of Liberty, — Widow, Orphan, Alien, & Destitute, displaced, scattered abroad, or even remaining here under distant rulers? We’re headed toward more clouds, earthquakes, and chaos up ahead; —unaware? Change lanes; own up to greater than Covid–19 for ignoring the command: —“LET MY PEOPLE GO.” 
   Finally, look for flashing emergency caution lights herein, pointing to the prophetic warning to our Union: “ . . . progress introspectively, re–evaluate; act on past desired ascension toward greatness, before its prosperity . . . modify deeds;” . . . as global Prophet, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn admonishes; “avoid tragic repercussions dealt similar wicked nations.” Now, fasten those seatbelts; read — go! 

About the Author

Phylicia Harding-Smith, M.Div., D.D., (Victorious Living, Inc.)
Prophet, Clergy, Lecturer, Musician, Playwright

            Phylicia Harding-Smith, is former Executive Director of world renowned AFNA National
Education and Research Fund (Founder, White House Appointee and Impresario, Samuel
London Evans (1902-2008). She has been on a ‘sold–out–to God’ charge for over thirty-six
years from her acceptance of the command: “. . .Ye must be born again.” She is former adjunct
faculty of her Alma Mater, Temple University.

            In 1990, she engaged in a Western European, South and South–Central African World
Study tour, where she conducted a graduate school internship. In 2011, and 2012, she executed
fact and spiritual finding missions in Jerusalem, Israel, and in 2017 was commanded to “pray” at
the DMZ, Seoul Korea. More emphatically, five decades ago she began a healing ministry,
enabling her to expand to broader culturally diverse audiences on land and sea.

            Phylicia holds the Master of Divinity Degree (M.A.), Missions and Missiology,
Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) Atlanta, GA., Bachelor of Arts
(B.A.) Communications; Temple University, Bachelor of Science Degree (M.S.), Metaphysics,
American Institute of Holistic Theology; and in 2001 Victorious Living, Inc., (Commonwealth of
PA), conferred upon her the Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D.) Phylicia has ministries in voice,
organ, and piano, and is a recipient of: Chaplain of Four Chaplains award, Woman’s Leader of
Distinction Award, Women’s Ministry, (Baptist Eastern Region) Philadelphia, PA, Old Testament
Award, (First Place) for seminary thesis: “Does God Repent?” and Ambassador for Peace
Award: Universal Peace Federation for promoting a “culture of peace” as “one family under
God.” Her literary works include: Windows and Doors, (Xlibris, 2008), The Mind of God Upon
My Lips, Self–Psychology: What Are You Saying to You? (Xlibris, 2020); and now to America;
she reveals thoughts of God in the explosive, We Killed God, Widow, Orphan, Alien, & Destitute,
(Xlibris, 2021). “The Blind Will See: The Rehearsal” her first play, premiered in 2020.

Phylicia’s guiding wellspring is clearly stated in the hymn: “You Are Alpha and Omega.”

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