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Under 12 Hours Emergency Response? Click here to purchase a $2.00 Administrative Fee.

Within 24 Hours Response Time? Click here to purchase a $1.00 Administrative Fee.

Why does Alpha Book Publisher charge for an urgent 12-hour response timeframe?

That's because we work with hundreds of published authors every day, and while our customer service is free, if you wanted to get PRIORITY ATTENTION from the Alpha Publishing Team, that would require members of the Alpha Publishing Team to put your request ahead of dozens of other author queries. If your request is time-sensitive and needs a 12-hour response time, a $2 maximum, refundable administrative fee allows us to go through your email/contact requests ahead of other authors. If you don't get a response within the specified timeframe.


Due to HIGH CALL VOLUMES, an Author Representative may or may not be available to call you at your PRIMARY availability above. As a result, we highly recommend you enter a SECONDARY availability below so if you don't receive a call on your PRIMARY availability, you will MOST LIKELY receive a call on your SECONDARY availability.


After you fill out this form, you will get different emails depending on which of the following categories best describe you the most:

1. New Authors

You will receive 2 emails titled:

- Welcome to America's Favorite Publisher (allows you to learn more about our company)

- A Sneak Peek Into the Publishing Journey (allows you to learn about the publishing journey)

2. Published Authors

- A member of the Publishing Team will reach out to you by phone or email within 1-3 business days.

In certain cases, if it's an issue, we may escalate the matter to our Sales Team or Trust & Safety Department.

3. Internships / Job Seekers

Right now we're only accepting internships.

4. Marketers/Bloggers

If you are a salesperson, a marketer, or an entrepreneur trying to sell us something, we will BLOCK you.

Please understand we take customer service very seriously, and would rather spend our time helping new authors navigate their publishing journey than chat with salespeople and telemarketers.

We are a pet-friendly company :) 

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