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Why Publish with Alpha Book Publisher?

If you're an aspiring author looking to publish your book, you may be wondering why you should choose Alpha Book Publisher. Well, let me tell you, Alpha Book Publisher is not your ordinary publishing company. They have an amazing team of dedicated professionals who have introduced six major publishing plans to cater to the unique needs of every author out there. Let's dive into each plan and see what makes them special.

Classic Plan

The first plan on the list is the Classic Publishing Plan. This plan offers authors a traditional publishing experience. It includes professional editing, cover design, formatting, and distribution services. With the Classic Publishing Plan, authors can have peace of mind knowing that their book will be handled with care and attention to detail.

Strategic Plan

Next up is the Strategic Publishing Plan. This plan is perfect for authors who want to take a more strategic approach to publishing. It includes all the services of the Classic Publishing Plan, along with personalized marketing strategies tailored to the author's target audience. The Strategic Publishing Plan helps authors maximize their book's visibility and reach a wider readership.

Premiere Plan

Among the impressive array of publishing plans provided by Alpha Book Publisher, the Premiere Plan stands out as a remarkable option for authors seeking a truly extraordinary publishing experience. The Premiere Plan goes above and beyond to cater to the needs and aspirations of authors who desire a premium publishing journey. It encompasses all the exceptional services provided in the Strategic Publishing Plan, with some exciting additional features that set it apart.

V.I.P Plan

Now, let's talk about the VIP Publishing Plan. As the name suggests, this plan offers authors a truly VIP experience. It includes all the services of the Premiere Publishing Plan and adds extra perks like priority handling, expedited publishing timelines, and additional marketing resources. The VIP Publishing Plan is designed for authors who want to fast-track their publishing journey and receive top-notch support along the way.

Hollywood Plan

Moving on to the Hollywood Publishing Plan. This plan is a dream come true for authors who envision their books on the silver screen. Along with all the services in the Masterclass Publishing Plan, authors opting for the Hollywood Publishing Plan receive specialized assistance in adapting their book into a screenplay and connecting with industry professionals in the film and television industry. It's an incredible opportunity to see your story come alive on screen.

Best Seller Plan

Last but not least, this plan is a game-changer for authors who not only want to publish their books but also learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. In addition to the services provided in the Hollywood Plan, authors enrolled in the Best Seller Plan get access to exclusive educational resources, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals. It's like having a personal guide to help you navigate the publishing world.

Retain 100% Rights, Ownership, and Complete Control


What sets Alpha Book Publisher apart is their commitment to giving authors complete control over their publishing journey. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can trust that Alpha Book Publisher will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We understand that each author is unique and has specific goals and aspirations.

So, why publish with Alpha Book Publisher? Because we offer a range of publishing plans tailored to your needs and aspirations. Whether you prefer a traditional approach or want to explore new possibilities, Alpha Book Publisher has you covered. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your book receives the attention it deserves.

Remember, publishing your book is a significant milestone, and choosing the right publishing company is crucial. With Alpha Book Publisher, you can be confident that you're in good hands. So take the leap and embark on your publishing journey today.

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