What is an Editorial Credit?

An editorial credit is equivalent to one correction made on your manuscript - corrections may vary based on how well the draft was written.

Here are the types of errors we look for in a manuscript:

         1. Spelling Errors

         2. Grammar Issues

         3. Sentence Deficiencies

         4. Paragraph Inconsistencies

         5. Characterization

         6. Writing Flow

         7. Plot Flow

         8. Style

What is our All-In-One Editorial Assessment?

A member of our Editing Team will conduct an extremely valuable editorial assessment of your manuscript. Your editor will read through the entire manuscript and provide thoughtful, in-depth feedback concerning elements such as spelling, grammar, plot, characterization, structure, consistency and style.

What types of editing are involved?

When it comes to editing a manuscript, there are generally 3 types of Editing involved.

Most book publishing companies like to differentiate these types of Editing and separate them into individual services.

This allows the publishers to charge as much money per service and earn as much money as possible for editing the manuscript--

thereby making editing your book more expensive.

At Alpha Book Publisher, we operate differently.

Our goal is to make all aspects of the book publishing process more affordable.

As a result, our editorial services combine all 3 forms of editing into one. We do developmental editing, line editing and proofreading -- all in one service -- and that service is our Editorial Assessment.

What happens after I pay for the editing credits?

When you purchase editing credits, please forward your manuscript to team@alphapublisher.com.

On the subject line of the email, type in: Credits Purchased (enter number of credits you purchased in this parenthesis).

For example: Credits Purchased (170)

On the body of this email, write your author name and the title of your manuscript.

Finally, attach your manuscript in a Microsoft Word file (preferably). We also accept PDFs.

If your manuscript has already undergone an Editorial Assessment, then this may not apply to you.

Simply send an email to your Author Representative or let the Publishing Team know that you've purchased by sending us a general email to: team@alphapublisher.com.

How Long will the Editorial Assessment take?

All stand-alone editorial assessments are subject to a 7-14 day maximum turnaround time.

Editorial Assessments on a publishing plan are subject to a 3-week turnaround time. For the purpose of ed

What does this mean?

Delivery time depends entirely on the length of your manuscript and how much work it needs.

See turnaround time for more info.

Turnaround Time


  • 0 - 500 credits = 3-7 days delivery time (7-day maximum turnaround time)

  • 500-1000 credits = 5-10 days delivery time (10-days maximum turnaround time)

  • 1,001+ credits = 7-14 days delivery time (14-days maximum turnaround time)

What if I need more than 680 credits?

If you need more than 680 credits, you may reach out to our Publishing Team by contacting us through our company site's

Contact Page. Simply schedule a conference call with one of our Author Representatives

You may contact us via our company site's page on the following link here: CONTACT US.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have already paid for a publishing plan, or have initiated the services of the Free Plan, then chances are these editing credits are already involved in your publishing plan. You will only need to purchase additional editing credits if the allocated editing credits on your publishing plan have been exhausted.

For new clients who have had no prior contact with an Author Representative, you may send us an email first

to: team@alphapublisher.com. Or click the link above *at the top of the company site to your right-hand side* to schedule a conference call.

This way you will have the opportunity to talk to an Author Representative about which option is right for you.

For more information, contact us through our website here or fill out a form and tell us the best time and day

that you're available for a conference call to discuss your Editorial needs.


Please do not send us marketing emails. We will block you.