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Activate Positivity

A Book of Affirmations and Personal Stories

Calvin believes that positivity is the key to happiness. Positive thinking will help you expound on the good things in life and manifest happiness. Positive affirmations are great to change your mindset, manifest your dreams, and put you on the road toward a successful and healthy life. 


Calvin also believes that our hearts should be free from hatred. Our minds should be free from worrying about things we cannot control. We should strive to practice the “Golden Rule” of treating others as we want to be treated. In this book, you will find methods that I used, coupled with personal stories, that put me on the road toward changing my mindset and living a happier life.

About the Author

Calvin T. McNeal was born and raised in the state of Alabama. He is a proud Auburn University Alumnus. War Eagle! Go Tigers! Calvin is the author of “Activate Positivity”. Calvin is an introvert who loves to try new things and take on new and exciting challenges. He has worked hard to overcome the odds to reach his goals. When not being introverted, Calvin loves to travel, attend and watch college sporting events, cook, try new restaurants, and be around a small group of friends. Professionally, he is criminal justice professional who strives to help people change their lives by providing resources for rehabilitation and life skills.

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