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12 Days of Daily Devotion




Upon writing this book.
I understood what worship was, but my experience was limited. When you go through a trail or wilderness experience worship becomes your best friend. “Hallelujah!” as I continue in worshipping God in song, worshipping
him in reading, worshipping him in praying, and worshipping him in being silent. The presence of God began to grow stronger in my life, never wanting to heave his presence. Life experience is a must when desiring to be used by God. Most of us desire degree, positions, money, houses, cars, or the limelight. My greatest desire has always been to love my God the more and understand what my purpose was to be in HIS PRESENCE. Yes, education is important, but even the more when you use it for the Glory of God. With his presence you will be able to teach people and lead them to a FREE life of salvation in Christ Jesus. “HALLELUJAH!” Worship, reading, praying, and learning to be silent will grant you access into the Courts of Heaven. This is the place where you will hear him speak.

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