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7 Personality Traits Shared by Every Successful AI Essay Writer

If you are somewhat confused by the title of this post, you will not be alone. AI essay writers are computer programs that are designed to write like human professionals. Many people would argue that they cannot have a personality, but we disagree. It depends on what the application does and how it does it. For instance, LinkedIn has a formal personality that always comes in a suit. For Instagram, you can think of a lively soul tanning on a beach with a tropical drink in its hand!

Quirks aside, this personality thing plays a big part in what an application is and how it is perceived by users. That’s why we have come up with a dedicated post on the traits that all top AI essay writers, like, share.

Does An AI Essay Writer Have A Personality?

As covered in the opening paragraph, a big part of the personality is how users look or feel about an application. But we intend to dig deeper into the heart and soul of the program to show you the real value in the personality. There are a lot of things that both students and professional writers look for in the program they want to use. In the case of AI writing tools, they look for language processing capabilities, UI, and more. When looking at this way, any program can have a personality which makes it a must-have for the majority of people. Although other tools could have the same utility many prefer over other AI essay writing or rewriting tools. 

7 Traits of Top AI Essay Writers

Now that we have established the existence of personality traits and quirks of online essay writing tools powered by AI, it is time to share with you the top traits that every successful tool has in its arsenal. 

Excellent Grasp of NLP

Humans work on the language they talk based on the thoughts and training they have. Machines have always relied on special programming languages to understand the needs and demands of humans. With Natural Language Processing or NLP capabilities, AI essay writers can understand the task without any special skills or knowledge of coding or programming. You can write a simple prompt as if directing a human professional and it will come up with a pertinent solution.

Adaptability of Various Writing Styles

Whether you are a student or a writer, you have to write different types of pieces for assignments. When you have a tool that can adapt to such styles, it is another reason to use the tool more often and more deeply. Tools like even allow you to pick the academic level before doing anything else.

Ability to Get Integrated Into Your Routine

A good tool is compatible with other tools, for the least. It does not matter what your workflow looks like, a successful AI essay writer will fit in easily. It will write quickly and well so you won’t have to come up with first drafts all by yourself.

Options for Customizations

Since writing is a subjective business, writers always need options for customization to make their pieces stand out from the rest. The technology of AI has no cap on how much and how often can you customize your text, from style to elements.

A Knack for Insights & Analytics

An AI essay writer tool is incomplete without a grip on insights and analytics. It has to have the ability to not only process but also use the data to improve its functionality. That’s why professionals rely on tools that can remind them if they are getting better with it or worse.

Intuitive UI & UX

It does not matter if you have specialized knowledge or not, it pays to have a tool that has a clear and seamless user interface that leads to a satisfactory user experience. This is a must-have for a solid AI writer. So, if you are in the market for the best one, make sure that it has exceptional UI for daily tasks.

Options for Collaboration

These days, no task is confined to a single person. If you are a writer, you might have to rely on a researcher or an editor to finish the task. That’s why easy sharing and collaboration options go a long way, allowing you to track changes and deal with the feedback from different players.


In the end, it is your choice to pick the right AI essay writer  for your needs. Still, we have highlighted the traits that go a long way in terms of a better overall user experience. So, make sure that all the bases are covered before picking the tool for your needs.


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