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A Look at Online Book Publishers Specializing in Non-Fiction

Online book publishing has opened up new opportunities for authors of non-fiction books. Traditional publishers may not be interested in niche or specialized topics, but online publishers have the ability to reach a targeted audience and produce books on a variety of subjects. One example of an online book publisher specializing in non-fiction is O'Reilly Media. They focus on technology and business books, and have been publishing books and videos online since the late 1990s. They are known for their technical accuracy and comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics. Another example is Greenleaf Publishing, which is focused on sustainability and responsible management. They publish books, journals, and case studies about corporate responsibility, governance, and sustainable development. A third example is the online publisher No Starch Press, which specializes in the field of computer science and technology. They publish books on subjects such as programming, hacking, and robotics, providing readers with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in these areas. Overall, online book publishers such as O'Reilly Media, Greenleaf Publishing and No Starch Press have made it possible for authors to specialize in a particular subject area and reach a specific audience. They have also made it possible for readers to access niche information that may not be readily available through traditional publishers.


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