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Nora Kulzer - Intern

A Little Bit About Me

The high school I attended prioritized writing skills throughout its curriculum and was locally known for their intensive honors and AP English classes. This background allowed me to be successful throughout my college career, receiving high marks on essays in multiple disciplines. I was inspired to pursue an internship with Alpha Book Publisher during my semester off from university. Academically, I had pushed myself to produce my best work, however, in the process I lost my love for writing. Classical books have always caught my attention, as I believe they helped create the basis for all literature we see today. Furthermore, I have recently discovered an interest in eco-literature that tackles ecological concerns today through both fiction and nonfiction. Throughout my career I hope to publish multiple times, whether it be novels or works within an academic journal. Interning at Alpha Book Publisher will be my first experience with publishing, though I have extensive writing experience both academically and personally.


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