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Welcome to the Alpha Book Publisher

Reward's Program

  • Shop at your favorite stores.

  • Earn cash back in the form of book publishing credits.

  • Never pay out-of-pocket on our plans or services again.



At Alpha Book Publisher, we're always striving to give our clients the lowest price to publishing a book without compromising quality and our excellent customer service. Based out of Staten Island, New York, we are currently the most affordable book publishing company in the United States.

And we want to keep it that way!

Our overriding mission of helping aspiring authors realize their publishing goals without having to fork over thousands of dollars have had our marketing team asking themselves:

How can we be more affordable and still be able to pay our staff and overhead?

The answer was simple:

Let's find a way to make sure our clients aren't paying a dime.

So we introduced the FREE PLAN.

What about our services?

If our clients couldn't afford our lowest prices, we added a payment-plan solution.

After awhile, we came to the conclusion that our lowest-price reforms we have reached its peak.

We were WRONG.

And it's not easy to a company to voluntarily admit they made a mistake.

Entering the new decade of 2020 have had our marketing team pondering the same question that brought our authors success! "How can we make our products and services even more affordable than they already are?"

So we went into planning and marketing study.

After all, 80% of Americans want to publish a book.

That's over 260 million Americans, yet less than 3% end up publishing their book.

Experts are quick to blame it on procrastination.

What nobody talks about is affordability, or the lack of it thereof - which has turned the book publishing world into a real estate industry-competing juggernaut.

The results of our marketing study?

- a cash back program that will allow our new and current authors to be able to pay for our plans and services without having to spend a dime out-of-pocket.

That means you can continue with your everyday purchases, and the referral fees earned from your purchases on Amazon, Walmart and even your telephone company is credited immediately into your book publishing account.

How cool is that?

And with this strategy, you will be able to afford our largest plans and services throughout time -- without using your own money.

Courtesy of the Alpha Book Publisher

Reward's Program

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