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Royalty Payment

How does Alpha Book Publisher calculate

Royalty payments?

Alpha Book Publisher gives authors a royalty rate of twenty-five percent (25%) through our distribution channels for print formats.


Why 25%?

Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed copies of your book, less any shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes.

Also, we offer discounts to retail and wholesale customers, so the royalty amount you receive depends on what type of customer (i.e. retail or wholesale) bought your book and any discount they received. For each royalty-qualifying sale in print format through our upcoming website bookstore, you will receive thirty percent (30%) of the retail price.

These deductions include promotional discounts, distribution discounts, and sales discounts.

For example:

If you book is sold on Amazon, your royalty is calculated as follows:

Source                                   Paperback List Price                              Royalty %                             Royalty Earned

Amazon                                         $15.99                                           20                                        $3.20

If your book is sold directly through the upcoming Alpha Book Publisher Online Bookstore, you receive a higher royalty amount thirty percent (30%). Your royalty on this sale directly through our online bookstore is calculated as follows:

Source                                   Paperback List Price                              Royalty %                             Royalty Earned

Alpha Book Publisher                       $15.99                                           30                                        $4.80

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