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Bridge of the Gods'

“Long ago, two chiefs who were brothers ruled the land that is today known as the Pacific Northwest. Wyeast, father of the Cowlitz tribe. And Pathoe, father of the Klickitat tribe. They were sons of the great Sahale, the creator of all things. Their tribes were connected across the Columbia River by a bridge built by their father called the Tamanwamis or Bridge of the Gods. In time, the tribes grew restless and committed all manner of wicked deeds. Displeased, Sahale caused a great darkness to descend upon the land. People’s ability to make fire was taken away. Only one fire still burned, and it was manned by an old woman named Loowit. In recognition for her devotion, Sahale granted her one wish. Loowit chose to be forever young and beautiful. Soon, Loowit’s beauty became the talk of the land. Sahale’s sons Wyeast and Pathoe both appealed to her as suitors, but she could not choose between them. Soon the brothers grew into conflict with one another, causing rocks and fire to be hurled across the Columbia in their anger. A furious Sahale destroyed the Tamanwamis where its remains still gurgle in protest at a place known as the Cascade Locks. He struck down all three lovers turning them into mountains. Wyeast became Mt Hood. Pathoe became Mt. Adams. And Loowit became Mt. St. Helens.” ~ Bridge of the Gods Myth

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About the Author

Fiona Wimber was born in April, 1996 in the beautiful hometown of Vancouver, Washington. During her childhood, Fiona competed in the Special Olympics and participated in horseback riding at the Clark County Fair Ground. Fiona holds the rare distinction of overcoming autism in 2019. Inspired by local Native American legends, Bridge of the Gods is her debut novella.

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