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History Book Publishing Services

History book publishing has become an important aspect of the literary world. This is because the world of history is filled with stories, people, and events that can help to teach readers about life, culture, and history. Many of these books are available through online bookstores, as well as local and regional outlets. While many authors choose to publish their works themselves, others will turn to a history book publishing company to help get the work out to a wider audience.

Harper's Book Publishing

Founded by James and John Harper in 1817, Harper & Brothers was one of the most influential book publishers in the nineteenth century. The company published works by the greatest writers of the era. They were also famous for their quality of typography and printing.

In the 1830s, the Harper firm installed its first steam-operated printing press. Although the company was a relatively small print shop, it eventually became the largest volume publisher in New York City.

By the end of the nineteenth century, the company had four thousand books in print. At its peak, the company was handling $4 million in annual sales.

Harper & Brothers published some of the most popular authors of the era, including Mark Twain, Henry James, Zan Grey, Booth Tarkington, and O. Henry.

Harper's first magazine, Harper's Monthly, was launched in 1850. It was filled with news, fiction, and illustrations. Each month, a new edition of the magazine sold 50,000 copies.

After the Civil War, the company began to diversify. Harper's titles included religious texts, children's books, and textbooks. Several authors were drawn to the company, including Amistead Maupin and Thornton Wilder.

Harper's family remained in control of the company. By the late 19th century, the family had become one of the most prominent in American business and politics. Some of the most important individuals in the family's history include Henry Thoreau, Amistead Maupin, and Thomas Nast.

Charles Parsons, one of the most influential people in Harper's history, was the director of the art department from 1863 to 1889. He was a mentor to Edward Windsor Kemble, Frederic Remington, Howard Pyle, and Edwin A. Abbey.

Eakin Press

Eakin Press has a knack for putting out books that have historical relevance. The company has published books on everything from the American Civil War to the New York City Ballet. They are now an imprint of Wild Horse Media Group, a large Texas-based publishing house.

The Eakin Press is known for its books about the local history of western states, and its hefty list of titles consists of forty new works a year. It is not actively seeking submissions for fiction, but it may be interested in your manuscript if it fits into its niche.

To make an introductory query letter, include a short description of the book, a summary of the book, and a brief author bio. You should also include a couple of sample chapters for review.

Alternatively, you can write an introductory query letter, along with a synopsis and table of contents for the book. Include an overview of the book, its merits, and what you expect from the author in exchange for the publication.

One of the things that makes Eakin Press's books a good fit is the fact that they are part of the Wild Horse Media Group. This is a company that owns Cowboy Bookworm, a series of children's history books, and Wild Horse Press, which is a collection of popular history books.

In addition to the history books, the Eakin Press has produced several other high-profile books. These include the aforementioned Gettysburg Campaign Atlas, which is a comprehensive account of the American Civil War. Additionally, Eakin Press has also produced a number of books based on the work of the famed ballet choreographer George Balanchine.

Gettysburg Publishing

Gettysburg Publishing & More, LLC has earned a reputation for publishing quality books, research, and new information. They also host community projects and book signings. In addition, Gettysburg continues to resonate with Americans nearly 159 years after the battle.

The Gettysburg Campaign Atlas is a must-have for anyone studying the Civil War. This resource includes detailed text, maps, and photographs covering the campaign from the march to Gettysburg, the retreat and pursuit, and a look at the final days of the battle.

The Battle of Gettysburg was the first of a series of alternate histories. Many historians believe that the Battle of Gettysburg was the most important battle of the Civil War.

A new reprint edition of the Gettysburg Battleground features a foreword by Academy Award-winning film director Errol Morris. It also contains new introduction by the author.

"The Horse at Gettysburg" is an historical narrative and a tribute to the sacrifices of horses. The book includes 100 photographs. Each photo tells a story. Some are previously unpublished.

The author rewrote the stories to make them more readable in a book format. He used the original stories as primary sources, and added additional information and details.

Using primary source material, the author has included an exhaustive saga of the life of Jennie Wade, the only civilian to die during the Battle of Gettysburg. She was 20 years old when she was killed by Jack Skelly.

The story of the Battle of Gettysburg is told through colorful photographs. These pictures provide a fascinating look at the soldiers involved. They show all ranks of Union and Confederate soldiers, along with many survivors.

Haymarket Books

If you want to find an independent publisher that will help you make your voice heard, check out Haymarket Books. This progressive publishing company is based in Chicago and publishes accessible books. They also run an online podcast, manages a book club, and hosts a popular event series. The publisher's name comes from the 1886 Haymarket affair, a labor demonstration in Chicago that was ruined by a bombing. It resulted in the death of at least four civilians and seven police officers, and eight anarchists were convicted.

The company publishes around 40-50 titles a year. They have a wide range of authors, including journalist Naomi Klein, novelist Arundhati Roy, and activist Rebecca Solnit. In addition to publishing established authors, the publisher has a strong focus on up-and-coming writers of color. As such, they accept unsolicited submissions from writers without agents.

One of the most successful books from the publishing house is Eve Ewing's Electric Arches. It has sold more than 60,000 copies. Other notable authors include Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill, and Dave Zirin.

Haymarket has a commitment to publishing nonfiction, and has a broad readership. This includes people who are part of movement politics, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about the issues facing the world. For instance, the publisher has published a number of reprints of classic leftist works.

Founded by Anthony Arnove, the publisher has built a name for itself as an important voice for the progressive movement. The publisher is also known for its dedication to distribution. Their distributor, Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, helps independent publishers reach library and trade audiences, and has overseen many New York Times bestselling books.

White Mane Publishing Co.

Founded in 1987 in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, White Mane Publishing is a family owned and operated company that produces a wide variety of quality non-fiction military history titles. With a staff of only 10, the company is able to offer a level of personal service rarely found in today's fast paced digital world. The company has two divisions, White Mane Books and Burd Street Press. Using the latest in web design and technology, the company has been able to achieve a higher than average success rate and maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction. In addition to manufacturing activities at the facility, the company also engages in a number of local business operations outside of its hometown.

Using the company's website as a starting point, we were able to identify several key areas of emphasis, the most prominent of which was their'mi-mo' division, which offers a wide variety of popular history books for both adults and children. This department is comprised of a range of titles covering everything from early America to World War II. Some of the most popular titles include the historical based middle grade books that make their way into the hands of young soldiers around the globe.

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