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Jewish Literature Book Publishing Services

If you're considering Jewish Literature Book Publishing, there are many places you can turn to for help. Some of the top names include Schocken Books, Kar-Ben Publishers, Judaica Press, and United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston. These are some of the most popular and respected publishers of Jewish literature in the country.

Judaica Press

Judaica Press was founded in 1963 by S. Goldman. It is a publishing firm that specializes in books on Jewish literature, culture, religion, and history. In addition, it publishes short stories and nonfiction works.

The company is based in Simsbury, Connecticut. It is affiliated with the Americas for Conservation + the Arts. Although it does not have detailed submission guidelines, it accepts manuscripts from authors.

The company also publishes books on politics, conservation, science fiction, and other niche content. Many of the titles are for adults.

The company is part of the Turner Publishing Company. They also publish books on Kabbalah and spirituality. For more information, visit their website.

Another company devoted to the publication of Judaica is the Ktav Publishing House, based in Brooklyn, New York. Some of their published works are The Queen and the Spymaster by Sandra E. Rapoport and Jewish Ideas in Morality and Religion by Sol Roth.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many Jews began to take a leading role in general publishing. While there were a number of pioneering enterprises, the industry was often small and limited in scope. A few such companies were active in Czechoslovakia. However, a large firm, Albert Bonnier's Forlag, was established in Stockholm in 1837.

Another pioneering enterprise was Simon Benvenisti's publishing house. He was a German refugee who started a bookstore in New York.

Menucha Publishers

Menucha Publishers is an Orthodox Jewish English-language publishing company. In addition to books about Judaism, the company also publishes Holocaust literature and cookbooks. They are now based in Brooklyn, New York. Their bookstore is also online. The company took over the distribution of Targum Press in 2008.

Menucha Publishers is owned by Hirsch Meir Traub. He started the company by working with authors to publish books. One example of this is I Am Jewish, which has been called one of the best books about Jewish life. This book has been described as "compelling and engaging" by Rabbi Lee Bycel.

Menucha Publishers is not the only company that offers Jewish literature and book-related services. Some of the other names in the business include Koren Publishers, Red Heifer Press, and Schocken Books.

Menucha Publishers' website does not offer much information about its submission policy. However, you can find out about the publisher's shopping cart app and the Jewish Book Box. You can also view their list of books for children on the company's website.

Other than the fact that the company produces books about Judaism, there are no real guidelines for submitting a manuscript. There is an email address and a Facebook page. If you have a book to submit, you may want to consult the website or contact the publisher by mail.

Kar-Ben Publishing is a speciality publisher of children's literature. Kar-Ben accepts children's fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works. It is part of the Lerner Publishing Group.

Kar-Ben Publishing

Kar-Ben is a subsidiary of Lerner Publishing Group, a Minneapolis based publisher of board books, activity books, and fiction. The company is the largest Jewish children's book publisher in North America. As for their most popular category, the religious books, they produce roughly a dozen or so titles with Jewish content each year.

While the first title they published was a self-published children's Haggadah, they soon branched out to a plethora of titles. One of the most noteworthy of their titles was My Very Own Haggadah, which has sold over two million copies. In fact, the company has a total of approximately 300 titles in print, including more than a dozen books in their newest line, Hot Pursuit. Not surprisingly, the company rolled out a multi-faceted marketing campaign to promote their wares. They maintain a media contact list, implement the requisite social media campaigns, and if required, engage in the more mundane functions of a brick and mortar business. For instance, they manage their customer database in Constant Contact and make the requisite phone calls to customers to ensure that they're ordering from the right place. Interestingly enough, the company also operates a customer service department, where they're in the loop for any snafus or mishaps. Their product list is impressive, and the company boasts of publishing more than 150 titles for children, including some of the best selling children's books in the country. Some of the more popular titles include Six Million Paper Clips, Hot Pursuit, and the Shalom Sesame series.

United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston

Among the many synagogues that make up the Houston Jewish community, the United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston stands out. Aside from the obvious, it boasts one of the most enviable locations in Houston. Located on the Meyerland corridor, this modern ordothox community synagogue is a pillar of the Jewish community.

Aside from the traditional Hebrew and English worship services, the synagogue boasts a slew of activities and events. The synagogue is also the home of the Houston Jewish History Museum, a non-profit archival institution with a plethora of exhibits on Jewish history. On top of that, the city is a veritable cornucopia of dining options, including an array of Kosher restaurants. It also is a veritable mecca for families. With a population of around 1.3 million, the area is home to two dozen Fortune 500 companies. There is also a slew of universities and colleges within close proximate borders. Not only does the Texan metropolis boast a thriving job market, but it is also a burgeoning center for research. Unlike its more upscale counterparts, Houston is not afraid to experiment with new tech. Some of the city's most lauded tech companies and labs have set up shop in the Houston tin.

In addition to its venerable namesake, the city is also home to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, a well-stocked equestrian museum, and the Woodson Research Center, which is a renowned repository of medical research of all kinds.

Schocken Books

Schocken Books is a publishing company that specializes in Jewish literature. Its backlist includes works of Franz Kafka, Jonathan Sacks, and Joan Nathan. In addition, Schocken publishes non-Jewish fiction, both in English and Hebrew.

Before its acquisition by Random House in 1987, Schocken Books was an imprint of Knopf Doubleday. After Ted Schocken's death in 1987, the heirs of the company decided to sell it. However, Schocken remained in operation under the guidance of his family. Today, Amos Schocken is the company's publisher.

Schocken is known as a leader in the Jewish book industry. He founded a Jewish academy and was involved in many Jewish cultural activities. For example, he helped establish the Schocken Institute for Jewish Research and the Schocken Research Institute for Jewish Poetry.

He was also involved in Zionist affairs. In 1933, he moved from Berlin to Jerusalem. Later, he founded a company in Palestine.

He published Franz Rosenzweig's DIE SCHRIFT ("The Scriptures"), Martin Buber's LEVANTINE, and many other Jewish works. His books were based on Chassidic mysticism and philosophy.

Schocken was involved with several other German Jewish publishers. One was Stockmen Books, a firm that specialized in books of Jewish interest. Another was Pantheon Books.

The Schockens also ran a publishing house called Schocken Verlag. Its primary mission was to educate German Jews about their Jewish heritage. They published more than 200 titles in Germany.

Halban Publishers

Halban Publishers is a London-based publishing house that focuses on Middle Eastern and Jewish books. They specialize in a variety of genres including biographies, memoirs, history, and novels. However, they face some problems that are specific to the British literary scene.

They face difficulty attracting established authors. While they don't have a full-time publicist, they do have an extensive website that includes interviews, book reviews, and articles. It's also worth checking out their Instagram and Facebook pages for more details.

Their selection of fiction and nonfiction works is impressive. They've also produced several books on Jewish culture and history. Some of their titles include Once Upon a Country, a modern classic that's been translated into over a dozen languages. This book features the first bestselling novel in Yidish.

There's not much about their submission guidelines on the website. However, they do accept manuscripts by email. In addition, they offer an incentive for authors to write in Hebrew.

The founders of the press are descendants of Isaiah Berlin. Jacob Dinezon was a renowned author of his time, and his family helped found a school for children during the First World War.

They have published a few novels, including Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew by Dan Vittorio Segre, which won the Wingate Prize. Many of the press's titles are sold to FSG or Basic Books.

Despite their reputation for producing excellent literary works, the press faces a number of challenges. Its lack of networking structures makes organizing author tours difficult. Also, a successful author may leave to a larger press for a higher advance.

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