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Reviews about Alpha Book Publisher

Customer Timmy Hudson review of Alpha Book Publisher


I am glad that the deal that we made…

I am glad that the deal that we made with Alpha Publishers was great and pocket friendly. Thank you for publishing my book. My order was delivered on time.

Indian female reviewing Alpha Book Publisher's services

1 review This is the best company in town for publishing books. They charge very cheap price for publishing books. The team is well managed and they were very co-operative with us. Our task was completed very effectively and within a very short duration.

Author Bob Laidback on his experience with Alpha Book Publisher

1 review They're a good company with average turnaround time. I'm only giving them a 4-star rating and not a 5 star because they could've done better with their turnaround time.

Cheerful author talking about her experience with Alpha Book Publisher

They made the whole process of publishing my book so easy. I would definitely recommend them again. Date of experience: July 14, 2022

Firdowsiya after his book's editorial assessment by the Alpha Publishing Team.

Feeling great to work with this publication, very much helpful

Date of experience: July 18, 2022

father and his kid after publishing his children's book

Thanks, Alpha Book Publisher. For assisting me in publishing my first children's book for my child. You have been a lot of help.

Date of experience: July 13, 2022

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novels published by Alpha Book Publisher

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing article. Yall just got nominated for the best publisher awards, good luck!

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