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Spiders vs. Snakes

I’ve always hated spiders. 

I hate they way they look, 

With eight nasty longs legs, hairy and spindly,

With several eyes looking at you, dark and mean. 

I hate they way they walk around and spin their webs, 

Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl. 

I hate that they can jump, or be the size of a cat. 

I hate that there are some that are poisonous, 

But all of them seem deadly to me. 

Their webs are nasty creations, 

getting caught in one makes my stomach churn. 

I hate that they can be found anywhere, 

And you never quite know where they are. 

Their gross, disgusting creatures, and I hate every single one. 

I didn’t like them in Charlotte’s Web

Even with a cute pig named Wilbur. 

I didn’t like them in Harry Potter

Aragog may have haunted my dreams. 

I despised them in Lord of the Rings

No names but all of them evil and ferocious. 

I don’t like them when people try to make them cute, 

I don’t like them when people say they’re harmless. 

Spiders are nasty and there’s no way you can convince me otherwise. 


Snakes are cool. 

Snakes are slithery and slick. 

They are cunning and sneaky, 

With a cool hissing sound. 

Their scales are cool and different, 

They come in many colors, 

Each one of them, unique. 

They can shed their skin, 

to leave a cool scaly treasure to be found. 

They can have sharp fangs, like a vampire, 

And leave just as deadly a bite. 

Their tongues are forked and allow them to sense by smell,

While their eyes seem to glow with slits for pupils. 

I wouldn’t like to meet one, but I think they’re pretty neat. 

They can come in several different sizes,

And oddly not one thought of that makes me want to run. 

I think snakes are pretty fascinating, 

And I’ve pet several of them. 

They make great characters and antagonists in books. 

Think of Jafar when he becomes snakelike in Aladdin. 

Think of the Incredibly Deadly Viper cuddling Sunny 

in Series of Unfortunate Events

Think of the snakes attacking Indiana Jones

Think of all the snakes in Harry Potter

From the basilisk to Nagini, 

From the one Harry set free and loose on his cousin

To the one he stopped from hurting a Hufflepuff. 

Think of the very emblem Slytherin embodies with pride: 

A serpent, a viper, a snake. 

Snakes and spiders are often linked together. 

Two sides of many people’s fears. 

People hate one or both, and maybe don’t fear either. 

I for one think snakes are a lot cooler in movies and books. 

But I guess spiders are much scarier and could be proven useful, too. 

But they’re just so… gross.

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