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Westerns Book Publishing Services

Westerns Book Publishing is a great place to find books for everyone from the history enthusiast to the reader looking for a fun novel. You can read fiction that is filled with romance, mystery, or even science-fiction.

Historical fiction

Traditionally, westerns have focused on one part of the world, over a short period of time. These types of books focus on the relationships between settlers and native people. They also focus on the westward expansion. Westerns are also about gunfights and range wars.

In the past several years, the market for 19th century Western history books has shifted. The market for books on this subject has gone from being dominated by university presses to becoming more diverse. Several independent authors and indie publishers have helped to transform the publishing landscape.

Although these changes have reshaped the landscape of the book industry, the market for historical fiction hasn't changed. There are still readers who prefer well-written historical fiction with engaging characters and solid research.

One publisher that continues to make a strong impression on the genre is Five Star Publishing. This company has been publishing excellent Westerns for more than twenty years. Their authors have been inspired to write stories that capture the spirit of individualism on the frontier through the early 1900s.

Five Star publishes a wide array of genres including Westerns, action-packed novels, stories about the Civil War and the Indigenous American peoples, and perspectives on life in saloons and ranches. Whether a writer's style is action-packed, swashbuckling, or wistful, the stories from Five Star continue to thrill with vivid narratives of the American frontier.

Another leading publisher of Westerns is Forge of New York. This publishing company began as an e-book company, but has expanded to a full-fledged publishing company.


Westerns have a long history in the literature and have a place in American history. Many renowned authors have written westerns. Some famous ones include Louis L'Amour, Charles Dickens, and Corman McCarthy. While many publishers shy away from the genre, a few are willing to give it a try.

One of the more well-known companies is CamCat Books, which has published twenty-two titles to date. The company is owned by Epicenter Press, which publishes a variety of books, including romance and westerns.

Another noteworthy publisher is Evernight, which also publishes a lot of romance books. However, it also publishes a number of erotica novels.

In the publishing business, it's not uncommon for an author to be signed to a five book deal, and then have a book published under the aegis of an indie publisher. For instance, Michelle Vega spent a few years at Alpha Books, before relocating to Berkley where she was heavily involved with the Prime Crime mystery imprint. She specializes in the commercial women's fiction genre. Other notable players include Camel Press, which is known for its mystery sub-genres. It will also consider westerns. If you're looking for a nifty-looking book, look no further than Overland Trail, a novel that combines the best of both worlds - the sweeping landscapes of classic Westerns, and the sexy exploits of a handsome cowboy.

The best way to find out what is available in the market is to keep an eye on the industry newsletters. You'll get the latest news on publishing trends.


Westerns aren't exactly a well-remembered genre in today's society. But the adult western market has continued to be a strong area of growth in the 21st century. With the popularity of western-themed television shows such as Cowboys and Indians and the TV series Wild West, the genre is a growing trend. The genre combines elements of adventure, suspense and romance to produce a mash-up of mystery and western. These mash-ups also include sleuthing by sheriffs and the thrill of a horseback chase.

There are several publishers that publish mystery and western books. Some of these include Crooked Lane Books, Camel Press and Coffeetown Press. Each of these has its own set of requirements when it comes to submissions.

Crooked Lane Books is a small independent publisher, but they are able to make a splash with their electronic and print editions. They've also formed relationships with Blackstone Audio and Bookspan. And they have a long list of authors and award-winning titles.

Camel Press is a small but savvy publisher, looking for the best books in the mystery, romance and thriller categories. They have a keen interest in acquiring novels that are witty, smart and spooky. In addition, they also seek to promote the works of underrepresented authors.

CamCat Books is another small but savvy independent publisher. Their list of titles has won awards, including the Edgar Award, the Mary Higgins Clark Award, and the Anthony Award.


Space westerns are a subgenre of science fiction, which use a combination of Western aesthetics and sci-fi settings. It may include a cowboy or rancher in space, rayguns, and robotic horses. Some books, TV shows, and movies have been made in the genre.

In most Westerns, the protagonist is a lawman. This type of character usually embodies the machismo of the frontier. He is often a seasoned sheriff or police officer. They may be running from their pasts, or pursuing an enemy. There are many shootouts, warring factions, and the wild landscape. One of the first writers to use the space western format was C.L. Moore, who published Northwest Smith. His novels were a combination of western and science fiction.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, several popular television shows and movies spawned a renewed interest in the space western. Books and comics also became popular.

A few notable space westerns include Rosemary's Wayfarer, The Hawkline Monster, and The Wild West Show. Others include Firefly, Star Wars, and The Dark Tower.

Another great sci-fi/western blend is HBO's Westworld. Mike Raglan is sent to an Anasazi settlement in the desert. While there, he meets a strange crew of weirdos.

The Hawkline Monster is a parody of the western genre. Set in 1901 Oregon, this is the story of an Indian girl. She becomes enamored with a loner. After her mother dies, she must learn to cope with the new environment.

Forge of New York

Tor/Forge of New York is one of the top publishers of Westerns and science fiction. Its flagship Tor imprint has been at the forefront of the genre for decades. During that time, the publisher has published more than 100 new titles each year, including the best-selling Starship Trooper.

Tor/Forge also has a number of specialty imprints. They have published the standard gamut of fiction, but they are also known for their horror and mystery novels. A good example is Steve Barnes' and Larry Niven's Belial.

Tor/Forge isn't the only company with a great new Western book. Wolfpack Publishing is also a relative newcomer on the East Coast. As the name implies, it is a marketing and publishing savvy family owned business that has quickly climbed to the top of the hybrid publisher food chain. With its e-book offerings, it is one of the few companies that have found a way to compete with Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the era of digital e-books. In the years to come, the company will likely expand into brick and mortar stores.

The Forge of New York has a number of other interesting imprints, including Pinnacle Books, which boasts a robust stable of veteran authors and a top notch editor. Another e-book publisher is Wolfpack, which began as a digital backlist publisher and has evolved into one of the country's most successful hybrids. While e-books are growing in popularity, paperbacks continue to dominate the market.

Five Star

Five Star Westerns book publishing is a juggernaut of a company. They've been publishing great American historical fiction for twenty years. You can find their titles at major wholesalers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Not only that, but they're also affiliated with the Western Writers of America. The aforementioned organization is a consortium of professional authors who share a love of the Wild West. As of this writing, there are over one hundred books in the Five Star catalog, including two original works of fiction. These include a spate of westerns written by Max Brand, the pseudonym of famous novelist Frederick Faust. While there's nothing revolutionary about the brand, they've managed to maintain an impressive level of distribution, thanks in no small part to their ties to schools.

In addition to their extensive list of bestselling novels, they've also released a slew of popular nonfiction titles. Their website is a little cluttered and not all the titles are easy to locate. However, their staff is always on hand to help. It's a good idea to email them a query, but you can also call in the big guns. Five Star is one of the many publishers to choose from, so be sure to do your homework. If they're not reading your email, then the next best thing is to send them a proposal. If that doesn't get you the nod, then you may need to seek out another outfit.

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