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Free Backlink Services for BMW dealer

Free Backlink Services for BMW dealer

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Find a BMW Dealership - Dealer Locator

BMW USA › dealer-locator

Find BMW Dealers in your area. Locate your closest BMW Dealership, see the ... Choose your local BMW Center. Search by location. or. Search by dealer name. Search.

Find Your New BMW Luxury Vehicle Online


Getting behind the wheel of your perfect BMW may be closer than you think. Enter your Location to see the BMW vehicles in your area.

Dealer Locations

BMW Dealer Careers

Century BMW (Alabama). 3810 University Dr. NW. Huntsville, AL 35816 ; BMW of Birmingham. 1000 Tom Williams Way. Irondale, AL 35210 ; BMW of Mobile. 3025 Highway ...

Largest BMW Dealership in Texas

BMW of San Antonio › largest-bmw-dealer...

BMW of San Antonio is not only the largest BMW dealership in Texas, but we are also now the largest BMW dealership in the entirety of North America! Take Home ...

BMW of Fort Lauderdale | BMW Dealer Serving Miami, FL

BMW of Fort Lauderdale

Visit BMW of Fort Lauderdale for amazing BMW vehicles for sale. Our local dealership serves customers in Hollywood, Miami, and the surrounding areas.

BMW of South Miami | BMW Dealer in Miami, FL

BMW of South Miami

We know you have high expectations, and we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding them. Come experience the BMW of South Miami difference.

BMW of Dallas | Texas BMW Dealership

BMW of Dallas

BMW of Dallas is your local BMW dealer serving Dallas, Irving, Garland, & Arlington. Shop new & used cars or schedule service.

Welcome to BMW of San Francisco

BMW of San Francisco

At BMW of San Francisco, we offer one of the area's most impressive selections of luxury vehicles and a stress-free car shopping experience at every step.

About Braman BMW | BMW Dealership near Doral, FL

Braman BMW Miami › dealership › about

Our BMW dealer near Doral, FL, offers a stellar inventory of new and used BMW vehicles so you can find the one that's right for you. Visit us for BMW ...

Optimal Backlink Strategies for BMW Dealerships

Backlinks are an essential part of any effective SEO strategy, significantly enhancing a website's visibility and authority. For BMW dealers, securing high-quality backlinks can drive traffic, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately boost sales. Utilizing free backlink services is a cost-effective way to achieve these goals. Here are some top free backlink services suitable for BMW dealerships:

Directory Submissions: Submit your dealership's website to reputable online directories. These platforms often have high domain authority, which can benefit your site.

Guest Blogging: Contribute articles to automotive blogs and websites. In return, you can include backlinks to your site.

Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share your content and build backlinks.

Forum Participation: Engage in automotive forums and communities. Including your website link in your forum signature can drive traffic and enhance backlinks.

Local Listings: Ensure your dealership is listed in local business directories like Google My Business and Yelp.

Best Free Backlink Services for BMW Dealers

When choosing the best free backlink services, it’s crucial to consider the relevance and authority of the websites you’re targeting. Here are some recommended services:

HARO (Help a Reporter Out): By responding to journalists' inquiries, you can earn backlinks from reputable media sources.

Moz Link Explorer: This tool helps identify potential backlink opportunities by analyzing your competitors' backlink profiles.

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker: Provides insights into the best-performing pages on your website and potential backlink sources.

Google Alerts: Set up alerts for your dealership's name or relevant keywords to find unlinked mentions that you can request to be turned into backlinks.

Quora: Answer questions related to BMW cars and include your website link where relevant.

Automotive Backlinks

Automotive backlinks are hyperlinks from websites related to the automotive industry. These links are highly valuable for BMW dealers because they are contextually relevant and can significantly boost SEO rankings. Effective ways to acquire automotive backlinks include:

Automotive Blogs: Writing guest posts or getting featured on popular automotive blogs.

Industry Associations: Becoming a member of automotive associations that list members on their websites.

Car Review Sites: Getting listed or reviewed on car review websites.

Sponsorships and Partnerships: Partnering with automotive events or local car shows and

getting listed as a sponsor.

Testimonials and Reviews: Offering testimonials to automotive suppliers and manufacturers, which can include a backlink to your site.

Largest BMW Dealer Locations

The largest BMW dealer locations often serve as hubs for extensive inventories and exceptional customer service. Here are some of the largest BMW dealers globally:

BMW of North America Headquarters: Located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, this location serves as the central hub for BMW operations in the United States.

BMW Welt in Munich: More than just a dealership, BMW Welt is an experience center where customers can pick up their new cars and tour the BMW museum and factory.

Autohaus BMW: Located in Vienna, Austria, Autohaus BMW is one of Europe’s largest BMW dealerships.

Century West BMW: Based in Los Angeles, California, this dealership is one of the largest in the US in terms of inventory and sales volume.

Park Lane BMW: Situated in London, England, Park Lane BMW is renowned for its extensive selection and premium service.

Number of BMW Dealerships Worldwide

BMW has an extensive global network of dealerships. As of the latest figures, there are approximately 4,400 BMW dealerships worldwide. These dealerships are strategically located to serve customers in major markets, including Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions.

Current Rate of BMW Vehicles

The rate of BMW vehicles can vary widely depending on the model, trim level, and location. Here are some approximate starting prices for popular BMW models:

  1. BMW 3 Series: Starting at around $41,000

  2. BMW 5 Series: Starting at around $54,000

  3. BMW X3: Starting at around $45,000

  4. BMW X5: Starting at around $61,000

  5. BMW 7 Series: Starting at around $87,000

These prices can increase significantly with additional features and customizations.

Locations of BMW Dealerships

BMW dealerships are located in virtually every major city across the globe. In the United States alone, there are over 350 BMW dealerships spread across all states. Key locations include:

  1. New York, NY

  2. Los Angeles, CA

  3. Chicago, IL

  4. Houston, TX

  5. Miami, FL

Each dealership typically offers new and used BMW vehicles, certified pre-owned cars, and a range of services including maintenance and repairs.

Purchasing a Used BMW

Purchasing a used BMW can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the luxury and performance of a BMW without the new car price tag. Here are some tips for buying a used BMW:

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Programs: BMW's CPO program offers a comprehensive inspection and warranty, providing peace of mind for buyers.

Vehicle History Report: Always obtain a vehicle history report to check for any past accidents or major repairs.

Independent Inspection: Consider having the car inspected by a trusted mechanic before purchasing.

Test Drive: A thorough test drive can reveal potential issues and ensure the car meets your expectations.

Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate the price, especially if the vehicle has high mileage or minor cosmetic issues.

Top 10 Largest BMW Dealerships

Ranking the largest BMW dealerships can be based on various factors such as inventory size, sales volume, and customer service. Here are ten of the largest BMW dealerships globally:

  1. BMW Welt, Munich, Germany

  2. Century West BMW, Los Angeles, USA

  3. Park Lane BMW, London, UK

  4. BMW of North America, Woodcliff Lake, USA

  5. BMW Toronto, Canada

  6. Autohaus BMW, Vienna, Austria

  7. BMW of South Atlanta, USA

  8. BMW of Bellevue, USA

  9. BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, UAE

  10. BMW Brussels, Belgium

These dealerships are renowned for their extensive inventories and exceptional customer service.

The Best BMW Dealers

Choosing the best BMW dealer can depend on various factors including customer reviews, service quality, and inventory. Here are some top-rated BMW dealers:

BMW of Beverly Hills, California: Known for its exceptional customer service and extensive inventory.

BMW of Austin, Texas: Highly rated for its customer satisfaction and comprehensive service offerings.

BMW of San Francisco, California: Offers a wide range of new and used BMW vehicles along with excellent customer service.

BMW Seattle, Washington: Renowned for its knowledgeable staff and quality service.

BMW of Manhattan, New York: A flagship dealer with a vast inventory and prime location.

Finding the Best BMW Dealership

To find the best BMW dealership, consider the following tips:

Customer Reviews: Online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and DealerRater can provide insights into the dealership's reputation.

Services Offered: Look for dealerships that offer comprehensive services including financing, maintenance, and repairs.

Inventory: Ensure the dealership has a wide selection of models and trims.

Location: Choose a conveniently located dealership with easy access for maintenance visits.

Sales Experience: A no-pressure sales environment and knowledgeable staff can significantly enhance your buying experience.


Utilizing free backlink services and understanding the automotive backlink landscape can significantly enhance the online presence of BMW dealerships. Knowing where the largest BMW dealerships are located and how many there are can provide valuable insights into the brand's global reach. Additionally, understanding the current rates for BMW vehicles and tips for purchasing a used BMW can help potential buyers make informed decisions. By following these guidelines and leveraging available resources, BMW dealers can improve their online visibility, attract more customers, and drive sales.

Final Thoughts

For BMW dealers, establishing a robust online presence through strategic backlinking and SEO efforts is essential for staying competitive. Leveraging free backlink services and focusing on relevant, high-authority websites can significantly enhance your dealership's visibility and credibility. Whether you're looking to buy a new or used BMW, understanding the dealership landscape and current market rates will help you make informed decisions. Remember to consider customer reviews, service quality, and inventory when selecting the best BMW dealership for your needs.



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